Monday, May 6, 2013

Revitalize, Re-energize, Regenerate

Back from a year of movement, discoveries and illumination. I moved to a very beautiful part of Canada and the magnificent natural landscape and people just fill me with joy.

My work did not leave me much time to spend on the blog and there were some challenges with the new google changes. I've worked physically harder than I have ever done in the last 20 years, and this  is my 10th anniversary from the diagnoses of Cancer and refusing chemotherapy in favor of Qigong and other holistic natural modalities. My health has been revitalized more than I expected!

 Anyway, I am back now but will not write as much as before unless, you the readers make me change my mind with your questions and comments. I am also living a balanced life of work, meditation and recreation. 20 years ago, I could not have made this enthusiastic statement, " Life is wonderful." My goal is to help my clients to be able to say the same phrase. And perhaps you , too my readers.

Just to post a question? Why is it that if you have a car, you will make sure it needs regular oil change and maintenance, no matter what the cost, yet huff and puff  when you need to make sure that your body, mind and spirit is maintained and in good condition? For those of you who do not own cars, you could find another thing that you spend much money and attention on?  Send me your answers and I will elaborate on this topic for the next post.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Qi Breath in Qijong

In April's post, I stated that Qi means Energy. It also means Breath. I remember the qigong instructor telling us in the first class. "Even if you don't remember anything else but how to breathe in the qi, then you have already accomplished 90% of qigong. Yes breathing is the foundation of qigong. How you are able to fill your body with the right amount of the healing qi on a daily basis will energize your whole being. So true Energy work is equal to Breath work.

A recent scientific study showed that the majority of people are only taking 36% of the required oxygen needed for body functions like repair, growth and maintaining of the organs and cells. The required amount is 60%. Is that not an alarming statistics. Before you panic and wonder how much it would cost to rectify the situation or what expensive gadgets to get, stop and listen.  Learn how to breathe the qigong way which you can do in the comfort of your home. If you need a few pointers or support, then please contact me or Skype me. Be assured, it will not be costly now and will save you time, money and worries in the future. On the other hand if you continue with the breathing you're doing now, you are most probably already seeing the effects of breathing poorly and included side-effects of poor breathing patterns are lack of energy, allergies, chronic fatigue, overwhelm, respiratory, cardio, skeletal and muscular problems headaches, insomnia.......Are you getting the picture???

At present, many clients make an appointment with me when they have a physical or psychological problem and when I show them the qigong breath, their problems are reduced. What I like to see are clients who want to prevent certain medical problems that they have seen in their parents or grandparents. Please send me a comment or request.


Next Post  Rewiring your Brain - Really???

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Healing Power of Qigong

Qigong pronounced Chee Gung, is not familiar to the western public and even to some people in the East. Yet, people have heard of acupuncture, tai chi and kung fu which all have their root in qigong.
Qi means energy and gong means work. Qigong practice began in China during the reign of the Yellow Emperor and the medical qigong was reserved only for the royalty.

There are many types of Qigong usually named after the Qigong Master who developed the qigong moves. Not all Qigong are Medical Qigong. It is adviced not to practice more than two types of qigong as it could be counterproductive to do so.

I found out about Qigong, when I was doing research on alternative medicine, after my cancer surgery and orders from the oncologist to go for chemotherapy. Before going to the qigong classes, I had explored other forms of alternative therapies that just did not seem to balance my screwed up energies or remove my pain. Oh did I tell you that the oncologist threatened that if I did not go for chemotherapy, the cancer would be back within two years and chemo would not even be an option then.

After 2 months of attending the classes and doing the qigong techniques several times a day, I noticed a return of my energies and  decrease in my pain level, so much so that I returned to work, sooner than expected. Part of the qigong therapy included meditation for half an hour daily. This was not a problem for me as I had already learned and practice meditation for a few years previously. This meditation was slightly different.

It's been nine years now and I still do my qigong techniques several times a week and  incorporated some of the techniques in coaching my clients. Yes this powerful technique is one that has kept me free of cancer and also of chronic pain that I had even before the diagnosis of cancer.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Revitalizing Energy Techniques Introduction

Energy Medicine is the future of Medicine (Dr. Mehmet Oz)

In my March post, I mentioned writing posts explaining RET or Revitalizing Energy Techniques which has roots in Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Qigong and two other modalities. The other posts would describe how I was lead to these modalities and how I put my creative touch to them, to help myself and my clients.

The energy that is common with Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology and Qigong is none other than Bio-Scalar Energy. This energy can't be seen like the fireworks above but the effect is more spectacular than any fireworks. I've experienced this energy and so have many others including my clients, who are usually dumbfounded.

My purpose for these posts is to explain something is not always seen by the human eye and as yet can't be measured by human tools. However, its existence was mentioned by Einstein, Tesla and other scientists.

Reading about it might not convince you  which is why I've offered many times on this site a trial to experience it for yourself. I've even offered workshops and seminars, including ones online. So tune in for the next post in mid- April and let me know through your comments if you would like to particpate in a Energy Boosting Seminar.

PC Nicholas

Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to treat Pain and Fear

As the video on this page indicate, Empower-You Enterprise is all about treating anxiety and fear. Actually fear is the layer which anxiety is build on. Anxiety is usually  the root of all flourishing dis-eases, be it physical or psychological?. Yes viruses, bacterias and genetics do contribute to diseases, yet some exposed to these variables are not affected by the diseases. Why? Of the many reasons, two does stand out in history and in my present work with clients; Fear and.Anxiety.

Both Fear and Anxiety expect the worst outcome and are not based on present reality. Instead fear and anxiety are based on previous memory which does not exist in the present reality. Fear and anxiety affect the physical systems of the body. Fear and Anxiety stimulates the hormones which is commonly called the Fight and Flight hormones. The major organs like the lungs,heart, stomach and brain is on alert mode.Oxygen circulation is reduced to many parts of the body. The para-sympathetic system which calms the body is literally shut down. The body's sympathetic system is on high alert and sees everything external and even internal as an urgent threat. If this situation continues, the body becomes worn down and the immune system breaks down and civil war occurs within the body. Could you think of different times when you have been affected?

Many people, myself included look outside of ourselves for causes of our diseases and science comes readily to our help by giving us names of bacteria, parasites and viruses. More recently it has been the recessive gene or absence of a particular DNA or a specific chromosome. All this leaves us feeling that the answer to cures are the responsibility of scientists, physicians, surgeons and chemists.
As we have seen in the past few decades, even with the intervention of these experts, people are dying from heart disease and cancer prematurely. People have become disillusioned with the conventional medical system. People who have transferred to the alternative, holistic health system, seem to have a more empowering attitude to their health.  In the next few articles, we'll look at the evolution of alternative or holistic or natural medicine and why it attracts more and more people each year. Why am I such an ardent promoter of natural, energy medicine and energy psychology?

PC Nicholas.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Empowering - Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is in mid-February, yet from the window dressings of the stores and the advertisements in the media, it might as well be Valentine's month. All the hype began on the first of February. So what is the celebration about and why am I using the word empowering?
Yes, with all the advertisement, you would think the celebration was about romantic or intimate love which in the Greek language is Eros. There is also, Philio, Storgo and Agape.  In the English language, there is only one word for all the 4 types and it is Love.

However Valentine lived during the Roman Empire and he did die for love but a love that was Agape, which is an altruistic love which he had for his fellowmen and for his God. He was killed for that love. Ironic if people are celebrating it for their own gain or satisfaction instead of truly giving of themselves to the ones they claim to love.

There are two other types of love that can be celebrated on Valentine's Day,  One is Philio which is brotherly or sisterly love or love among friends and the other is Storge which is love among family members.

Love is Universal. Love is also Healing. Love is Forgiving. Love is Consoling, Love Strengthens, Love Inspires. Love Creates! Love does all this if it is unselfish. It is agape love that can remove anxiety and depression.

All  these loves (Agape, Storge, Philio and Eros) could be empowering if you remember to appreciate and respect the person you're celebrating with or the person you're buying the gift for. It should come from your heart  which means you should find out what the person likes before buying the gift. Yes put some thought into Valentine's and I've made it easier for you if you take a look at the upper right side of the screen.

It's your choice what you make of Valentine's Day and the type of love that will dominate that day.  I'm giving a rose from the vase above for each of you who visit this site and that is from the love called Agape. Happy Valentine's!

If you'd like to make an easy video, just like I did at the top right hand corner. then Click here

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Anxiety Release Offer

The post I published previously on Anxiety Release for 2012 generated some phone calls from people who have some anxiety in their lives. So I decided to offer 15 minutes free to release anxiety of my readers for a limited time.

I've had excellent results working with clients to release their anxiety. The anxieties of my clients have been on various issues. Here are some of the many anxiety provoking issues that have been released.
1.Anxious about examinations or test anxiety
3. Anxious about moving away
4. Separation anxiety
5. Anxious about being in a crowd
6. Job related anxieties
7. Anxiety due to fear of needles, spiders, snakes.
8. Anxiety due to pending medical treatment, surgery
9. Relationship anxiety
10.Anxiety related to past traumas

Usually an assessment is done on a SUD where the anxiety is rated from a Level of 1 which is very mild to a 10 which is very high. As I work on the person, we continue to assess till the Level returns to one or zero.

With a fifteen minute session it is a short-term solution. In order for the anxiety to remain completely released, it usually involves several sessions with an average of seven sessions as we will have to work on other aspects of the issue or issues that began the anxiety response.

So we hope that many of you will take advantage of this free 15 minutes and see how this valuable tool works and how you could learn and use it yourself in further sessions.
You could send me an e-mail to request a free anxiety release consultation! At present I will only accept e-mail requests.

PC Nicholas

Anxiety Release for 2012

Well this is 2012 and we're still here. Are you grateful for that? Or are you anxious about all the predictions of 2012?  Nothing has changed according to the media, except that the reports of all the gloom and doom in the economic and social landscapes of the world is worsening. Yet if anyone of you have found something changed within you that have made you see things differently, perhaps an expectation, or a hope that things might be changing for the better, then anxiety has not taken root. Congrats.

 The fact is that in the latest statistics, anxiety disorders are on the rise. 1 in 4 people have anxiety disorder. Phobias, addictions, pain, certain medications and previous traumas also contribute to anxiety disorder. So many people would deny that they are anxious and yet resort to addictions for relief. And I don't mean drugs and alcohol and smoking. How many of you feel that you need sweets to relax you? How many find comfort  foods (extremely high sodium or sugar and  high caloric foods) for relaxation? How many go on shopping sprees to calm themselves or gamble? How many use sex for anxiety relief?

Don't you think any of the above have side-effects? All the above addictions have temporary relief but lasting side-effects. I know as I've worked with many as an anxiety transformation coach. Many who come to me, have  used conventional treatments with short-term success without getting control of their anxiety on a permanent basis.

What if I told you there was a better way? A way that has proven to be a long lasting  treatment for anxiety? It has worked on many people and it will probably work for you. It is simple yet powerful. It will take some effort on your part to continue the  treatment for a few sessions and do the homework given. The emphasis is finishing the course of the treatment, even though after a couple of sessions, you might not feel anxious anymore, that is only the surface as further treatments will discover the root causes and once that is removed, the anxiety will be gone for good which means, disturbing news in the media or from external sources will not raise your anxiety levels. That does not mean you will be numb to the "bad" news. It means that your anxiety thermometer will not fluctuate and you are able to be calm within.

Yes 2012 might be the year for you to be finally liberated from anxiety or the anxiety disorder.with this natural treatment. Wishing all my long time readers as well as my new readers a Year filled with Calm and Joyful Expectations.

PC Nicholas

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Five Gifts that do not cost a Cent


Are you tired of hearing about giving this Christmas Season. You might be living from pay cheque to pay cheque, or you might just have been laid off  from your job, or you might be unemployed or a student living on student loans??  Does giving have to be material things?  No they don't have to be! . Are you interested in finding out about gifts that do not cost a single cent???

1. Love - Show a little love to your loved ones. How? I'm  glad you asked. You could spend some time with them, talking or listening. Perhaps do some chores that they request.

2. Kindness - Doing random acts of kindness to  or for others.  Go to a nursing home and ask if there was someone who needs a visitor. Or do you know of any shut-ins? You could read to them, listen to their stories, joke with them or just sit with them for an hour or so.

3. Smiles - this can be done to friends and strangers alike. If you take the bus, you could smile at the driver and the other passengers. How often to you smile at the grocer store cashier or the attendant at the corner store or the post-person? Everyone is affected by a smile, regardless of the return smile.

4.Laughter - Laugh at yourself and laugh with others. Did you know that belly laughter is a good cardio exercise. Go to the library and borrow some good joke books and humorous movies.

5.Thankfulness - Be thankful for what you have now, no matter how little it may seem. Thankfulness is the harbinger of prosperity.

To all my readers, I wish you a Season of Laughter and Joy and this includes my Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist readers.

PC Nicholas

Friday, November 11, 2011

Energy of Change

How many of you reading this like changes in their lives or environments? How many of you dislike those changes. For the latter, do you know how much energy you expend to prevent change from happening or resent the changes?  Changes sometimes makes you put on hold other things that you usually do and for me it meant writing fewer posts on this blog.

I have just recently made some changes to my work environment. I've moved my business to a new office. It is a very welcomed change. The room is more spacious and quieter and it is within walking distance to where I live. I also have an extra day to receive clients which is the second change. The extra day means I could have a small group session to work on issues that affect the group participants while they also get an opportunity to practise the techniques that I've taught them in a supportive, positive environment. Initially, we will meet every fortnight on a Wednesday Evening.

The other significant change, dear readers will affect you. I'll be writing an e-zine that will require a subscription which for the present is free and my innovative, original, informative articles will  be written once a month on this e-zine called  ?  If any one has an idea for another title for this e-zine, please let me know. There are already 2 articles there on Anxiety.

So I've used the changes to energize my life by not fighting or resisting the changes. I chose to look at all the positive that would come from these changes and voila, I do feel energized.

This blog will be focusing on the workshops, circle groups, teleclasses and snippets of my articles in the e-zine. Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated as are your patience.

To your health and energy.
PC Nicholas

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Remove Toxins from the Body 101

Just to inform you that the above workshop is filling up. It is an interactive one. For my readers, there is a change to the layout in this site. Hope you like it? It was done by an expert whom I am glad to call friend, Diana Needham ( She is a business coach and a very talented lady.

Please take a look at what clients say as there are updated materials there.Here is the flyer for the Workshop.

Are you tired often?
Are you catching colds or infections easily?
Do you get upset and anxious quite often?
Do you get worried easily?
Do you have elimination and digestion problems?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, it is probably due to the Toxins in your body that might be the cause.  Can you do anything about it?
Yes! after attending  this  workshop -

Your energy will improve.
Your resistance to infections will surprise you.
You will feel calm and joyful.
Worries? What worries?
Digestion enhanced!

This is not like any other workshop as there will be live demonstrations

Where:  100 Main Street              When:  22nd October  1030 - 1430
Registration is required by the 19th October, as there are limited spaces.
Call me at 613-234-0646 - PC Nicholas to register or email me here.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Toxins and the DNA

I attended a teleclass recently on Toxins by Joanne Callaghan, wife of Dr. Roger Callaghan, founder of TFT, ie Thought Field Therapy out of which EFT is based on.and he is a clinical psychologist. It was a class that showed some ways to remove toxins in our body as well as other ways of neutralizing the external toxins which is in our environment. This actually ties in with our previous article on the recent research discovery of some of the function of the ninety percent of our DNA.

Through vibrations and carefully worded thoughts, we could release toxins in our body, especially at the DNA level. How, you ask? Well, I will be giving a workshop - Removing Toxins 101 on the 8th of October and a repeat on the 22nd October. There will only be room for 10 people per workshop as it is an interactive one.

Besides Energy Psychology, I have combined Energy Medicine, Qigong and two other modalities that works well in removing toxins with my clients. On a personal note, these modalities have helped me remove some toxins that have previously caused me a few chronic illnesses.

If you're interested and live near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, please e-mail to register.

PC Nicholas

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Surprise, Surprise - What the DNA respond to?

As clients were coming to me, these last few weeks, there was a look of pleasant surprise, when their fear, pain or anxiety or anger were removed before their unbelieving eyes, while  I did the spinal flush or the neurolymphatic massage on them in about 20 minutes or more. When I tried to explain, there was still a look of doubt.

So, I told them about a recent research finding by a couple of Russian scientists on the DNA, not the 10% that western medicine is focused on but the 90% that was thought to be "junk".  Well after a few years of thorough research, some of the 90% of human DNA seem to respond to vibrations and words, either negatively or positively.  So how does what I do connect to this latest DNA discovery?

When I do the neurolymphatic massage, I focus on certain areas of the body and the massage I do cause a vibration. I also say certain words and have the clients tune in on certain emotions that they are feeling. Words and Vibrations somehow affect the 90% of the DNA and we have results in a very short time.  The same results with the tapping of Energy Psychology as in EFT and TFT is again due to the DNA or genes response to vibration and words.

My challenge is to keep my client focus on the emotions that are causing them the discomfort or problem. DNA or genes do not have to be removed or cauterized for the healing effects to happen. I predict in the next few years, more and more research will reveal further the capabilities of the "junk" DNA.

If you are still skeptical, you will want to read more about this Russian research findings. Please go to the following link.

PC Nicholas

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not your normal massage, yet so relaxing

The title of this post was taken from the average response from the majority of the 30 clients who came to my massage table, lying on their stomachs while the spinal flush was done and then some lymphatic massage on the part of their bodies that was causing them discomfort.

They left  relaxed and with some knowledge of some techniques that would balance their energies. This was their homework till the next visit. For many who came with SUDs of  8,7, 6, or 5 which was a high pain level to moderate. SUDs or Standard Units of Distress which measures the level of discomfort or pain in an individual. They left the half hour treatment with a level of zero or one. They came overwhelmed with stresses, not quite knowing which was the major stressor, they left calm and knowing which stress to work on removing.

However, it was not just a physical result that they experienced. One young woman remarked, her fear and anxiety went from moderate 7 to a zero level and she thanked me for helping her regained her confidence. I will see many of these clients for another session, as they want to work on other issues, now that they see results from just half an hour

Among the many young people who were at the massage table, there were a couple who were insisting on deep tissue massage, even though it was well advertised that it was a neurolymphatic massage. These did not read or do their homework on what effect the neurolymphatic massage and spinal flush had on the body and we could not make them understand that the treatment and techniques offered looked at holistic body which is made up of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects,.Western Scientific research done in recent years, in the USA, Europe and recently Russia has shown how the cellular or DNA  level is receptive to many of the techniques used in Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

If you go to some of my recent posts as well as my older posts, you will see some of these works.
In the following posts, I will give you more testimonies of those who have benefited from this simple yet effective and skillful technique
PC Nicholas

Monday, August 15, 2011

Neurolymphatic Massage - Flushes the toxins away

Neuro-lymphatic Drainage (Flush) and Relaxation Massage
Are you having intense emotional or physical stress? Exposed to environmental toxins?

Benefits of this Technique

1.Makes you feel rejuvenated by clearing toxins
 and stagnant lymphatic fluid.
2. Clears your head and improves thinkiing by stimulating the cerebrospinal fluid. 
3.  Helps your body function better by quick re-balancing of your energies in your body.
4. Reduces built-up stress and overwhelm.
5.Takes edge of emotional over-reactions.
6. Relaxes body and mind.

It takes about 1/2 hour, includes assessment of problem areas.

What is the difference between Neurolymphatic massage and Spinal drainage massage or flush?

The benefits are very much the same but the latter also  works on the cerebrospinal fluid.  The difference is that for the latter, the massage is done along the spaces along the spine, while the former is done along the frontal portion of the lymphatic stations.

Briefly, it should be done by a practitioner who has been trained in EEM and a health discipline. Before the technique is done, the practitioner would check for problem energy areas, when doing the assessment. This technique is harmless. The lymphatic system is basically the body's garbage disposal system and plays a vital role in your immune system.

The cerebrospinal  fluid is a clear fluid with several important functions.  It acts as a shock absorber for the brain and spine. It delivers nutrients to the brain and spinal cord. It also removes waste from the brain and spinal cord.

The person should be lying on their stomach on a massage table with support for the head and one under the ankles. The alternate way of doing it is having the person standing about a couple of feet from the wall with hands firmly on the wall.
The massage is given about 1 inch apart on either side of the spine.The person should be breathing, slowly from the abdomen.

The toxins are usually removed through the bladder and through the skin.So increased liquid intake after the procedure is strongly suggested.

If you have any more questions, please send them in through the comments.

PC Nicholas.RN BScN