Thursday, August 21, 2008

What is your Position in Bed?

I noticed that several of my clients with snoring conditions or with Sleep Apnea sleep on their backs or even on their stomachs.

The correct position to prevent snoring is the lateral position or side position. Few people remain on their sides, which is why the Thera-P-anti-snoring cradle pillow prevents you from turning and remaining on your back. This pillow keeps the upper part of your spine in proper alignment. What about the lower part of your spine?

I have noticed that when people sleep on their side they tend to take the fetal positions sometimes, bending or flexing both knees. This position causes improper alignment of your spine, causing lower back discomfort in the morning.

The correct side-lying position should be Only one leg is flexed from 20 degree to 40 degree angle, which ever feels comfortable to you and the other remains straight.

These positions keep your spine in alignment, while in bed and prevents aches? Also when you are sitting in a chair, remember to keep the spine in proper alignment. Slouching or sinking into a chair will cause back problems. Tomorrow we will discuss standing and walking positions that keep the spine properly aligned.

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