Thursday, November 13, 2008

Energy:-Healing Energy with Berries

There are so many different berries and many of them prefer the temperate climate. So when I was growing up in South East Asia, I only saw strawberries and the other berries in picture except for cherries, which were 1/2 the size than the ones found in the West. My grandmother had a cherry tree which attracted many birds.

Berries, like the ones we know of are botanically considered false berries. The real berries are grapes, currants and gooseberry.
Before we continue with berries or false berries,there are rambutans in South East Asia,which is a seasonal fruit found in South East Asia, very sweet with a texture like lycee. The roots,leaves and bark of the rambutan tree is used for wound healing and for eye infection. Here is what rambutans look like.
Rambutan :- Rambut means Hairy in Malay

Blueberry, Raspberry and Blackberry
There are about 200 species of berries in Canada, some are not edible and even poisonous. So be cautious when you are picking wild berries in the woods. There are some that might look like blueberries or red currants which are poisonous.
Blueberries have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Blueberries are also recommended to prevent macular degeneration and wrinkles. The wild blueberries are tinier than the cultivated ones. Saskatoon berries resemble blueberries.
Raspberry and blackberry also have anti-cancer properties according to the American Cancer Institute.

Wolfberry or Gogi berry
Gogi berry is getting a reputation as the anti-aging berry. It's or1gin is in the Himalayas and Tibet but as a fellow blogger, Dora ( tells me she has some growing on her farm in the US. Some effects of gogi berry which is full of minerals,protein and vitamins are the following -
1.calms nervousness and enhances memory anti-inflammatory
3.lowers blood pressure and keeps heart healthy,
4.Strengthens the immune system.
Apparently there is a Tibetan saying that eating gogi berries in the morning makes you happy the entire day. So daily dose of gogi will make you a smiling person. Gogi can be obtained dried in Health Food Stores and can be eaten with your breakfast cereal, or mixed with other dried fruits and nuts as a snack.
Gogi berries on the tree

There is also the acai berry which is native of the Amazon with healing properties and it is from type of palm plant.
These are only brief descriptions and if you wish to know more please contact me or leave a comment.
Ref: Canadian Encyclopedia

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Energy:-Eating fruits with healing energy?

We all know that fruits are rich in Vitamin C. Well how many of you know that some fruits also have enzymes that helps digestion and others have been used to reduced inflammation, remove fatigue and Enhance Energy and since my practice is on Healing Energy these products from Mother Nature is so relevant. The following fruits for this week will be from Asian grown as that was where I first tasted these.There are some plants transplanted in Australia and Florida. Then following these, will be the berries, grown in North America and Europe.
The Papaya

Papaya has an enzyme Papain which aids digestion. In the east, people would eat part of a papaya for breakfast. In the west, health food stores sell papain supplements as a digestive aids. Fresh papaya can be found in chinese grocers as well as some supermarkets. I prefer the red fleshed papaya which comes from South America. It is sweeter and juicier.

The Mangosteen
The next fruit has been called the Queen of Fruits as Queen Victoria craved for it.
The Mangosteen is not from the mango family.

Only the white pulp is eaten. The attractive fibrous skin is used for dyes.
Mangosteen has anti-inflammatory properties. In the Caribbean, a tea is made from this plant which is supposed to give Energy and remove fatigue. In Brazil the tea is used as a digestive aid. This is a" melt in your mouth" type of fruit, sweet and a little tangy.