Thursday, November 27, 2008

Energy:-Are all fruits and vegetables Healing to everyone?

It has been wonderful to explore the healing energy of fruits and vegetables? We were only covering a small piece of the wide array of nature's healing food. However, before you run to the Farmer's Market and fill your basket with the rainbow hue of fruits and vegetables, just read on.

Our body chemistry react differently to foods, including fruits and vegetables. Yes, some people do not digest certain fruits or vegetables and might even get an adverse reaction from them. One example is Bananas - some have allergies to this fruit. Some people who were born in temperate climates have allergies to tropical fruits like mango.

Another barrier to assimilate fruits and greens are certain diseases like Gastrointestinal, Crohns Disease, Kidney Disease and Diabetes. Perhaps seeing your MD if you have these conditions would be appropriate.
So always get a referral to a nutritionist or see a Natural Practitioner specializing in allergies. Energy testing of foods also is very helpful.

Another very important consideration is to wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly especially if you are eating them raw. Whenever possible, try to obtain organically grown produce. If the vegetables or fruits, have turned color or look wilted, it will not give you the healing energies. In that situation, it is better to get a frozen variety of the vegetable or berry as these are frozen at their freshest.

Canned vegetables are loaded with salt and canned fruits are loaded with sugar, so they are very poor alternatives. Proper packaging and storage is important to ensure freshness. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, do send it along.