What Clients Are Saying

 Rotator cuff  tear 2012 - Diane M
 My shoulder had a severe pain level of 8 and limited mobility of  35% rotation. After about 1 hour of PC's RET, my pain level was at a zero with increased mobility of 55% and this was just my first visit.

Side-Effects - Virginie G  2011
I saw PC for two treatments for my backache and neck pain. After the second treatment, my back and neck pain is gone and just can't believe it but my insomnia and migraine are gone and that was not what I had seen her for. I remember PC said, I would get pleasant side-effects from her therapy.
Improved Sleep - Denyse J
Had problems with sleep and now I'm sleeping better.2011

Stubborn Pain - Alina H 
I'm a student with this stubborn back pain and anxiety, both at a level 8 in severity. PC's coaching and NL massage brought is to zero pain in 20 mins. Just amazing!

 Fear gone - Twania S 2011

PC related my pain to a deep-seated fear and managed to remove it in twenty minutes. Now my confidence is back and I can look forward to starting a new life.

Post-Breast surgery Pain - Monique A - 2011
Had a neurolympatic massage and within 10minutes, the pain went from a high level of 7 to about one. She is good.

Neurolymphatic Massage -- Isabel G, 2011
PC did a neurolymphatic massage and spinal flush for a half hour and it worked.  Lower back pain gone, which is the first time in many years.  Her communication and teaching was helpful and informative.  Thanks PC!

Life Empowerment -- Nathan R, 2011
Not only that but she has helped me deal with past issues and personal blocks through her intuition, knowledge of energy medicine and amazing guidance.  Over the last several months I have witnessed my life transform from a misguided soul stuck in my daily habits and routines just wishing for a better life, into a person that looks forward to every sunrise as an opportunity to live life to the fullest and continue with my purpose. There is no doubt that PC played an influential role in aligning my life with with my true vision and goals. She has helped me understand myself better and has given me the strength and encouragement to face my fears and doubts head on. As a result, I have started my own business, began living a healthier lifestyle and feel as if my life is in total harmony. I have never been happier and felt more alive then I do right now and for that I need to thank PC for the major role she has played in this life-altering paradigm shift.

Pain and Fatigue -- Michelle F, 2010
In the spring of last year, I had three sessions with PC after visiting specialists who could not find out why I had such groin pain and fatigue.  At our first session, I arrived barely able to walk.  After only an hour of her application of RET, I could walk without pain.  I was given daily routines to follow for two weeks before our next session.  The pain was not as frequent as before the therapy.   After my third session, the pain completely left.  It has been a full year, and the pain still has not returned.

Pain and Insomnia -- Denyse M,  2010
I was on morphine and other powerful analgesics for my back pain, but the relief was always only temporary.  I was getting little sleep, but after PC performed her energy therapy on me for a few minutes,
I slept peacefully for six hours for the first time in a long time!

Phobias -- Khalid A, 14 years old, 2009
I had a phobia about spiders, even seeing a spider web made me fearful and panicky for many years.  After three sessions with PC Nicholas, I firstly did not become panicky at seeing  web and then graduated to seeing a spider without fear.  Even tested it by cleaning up a spider's web at the corner of a door without any fear or panic  It's so good to be free of the fear of spiders and webs.

Cancer Prevention -- Lea S, 2009
Had a lump that was getting bigger and the doctor thought it was cancerous.  Before going for the biopsy, had several RET sessions.  Did the biopsy 2 weeks later and the result showed no cancer cells.  Now I'm doing certain energy techniques to remain cancer free.

Pain and Indigestion -- Leah K, 2009
RET removed my back pain and my need for orthotics.  After a couple sessions with PC, the pain hasn't returned.  I also had a chronic digestion problem in addition to dysfunctional eating habits.  Within two sessions, I was finally rid of both.  Everyone should try this therapy as it works faster than any other treatment I've experienced.

Pain -- Bea O, 2009
I had a swollen and painful left knee after a fall, and my knee was also arthritic. 
The pain level was near a 10.  PC did her RET, and I noticed the pain reduced gradually until after half an hour, it was at zero.  I was lying on the sofa, and I stood up without any pain and could walk without pain too.  In the next couple of hours after she left, I noticed the swelling was almost gone.

Migraines -- Gerard V, 2008
It's been over a year since my therapy with PC.  I had RET for 5 days in a row while I was visiting from Singapore.  I had migraines for many years since I had a tumor behind my eye removed.  I was on powerful pills for short-term relief of pain. 
After PC helped me, my migraines have gone, and I threw away those pills because I didn't need them anymore.