Thursday, July 8, 2010

Are you the Inner Critic? the Saboteur? or

Are you the Inner Victim?   the Helpless and Confused?

To understand Step 4, you have to learn about the 3 distinct energy fields or configurations that constitute You, Me and Everyone Else.  The first is the Lower Self - your physical, mental and emotional. From the Lower Self comes the sub-personalities that I've mentioned at the introduction, these are unfortunately the dominant ones, although there are others that are perhaps more supportive but passively, waiting for you to develop them. The Lower Self is compared by Dr. Pettitt as the actors in a play.

The second is the Personal Self and the third is one that I believe brought you to these posts, the Higher Self or the Soul which has a significant link with the Source, Creator or Divinity. We will return to the Higher Self in the next post.

Everyone is aware of and attuned to the Lower Self, as it is where Basic Needs are Met. What if the Basic Needs are not met, ah that is when your sub-personality is formed. Are you still with me? Hope so.... as this is very significant. I spent a vast amount of time, trying to figure the best way to give you an example of the sub-personalities mentioned above. Let me introduce them. Some might be very familiar to you. I know some were to me.

You came upon these posts  on  Forgiveness some weeks ago right? See if any of these characters showed up in your conversation with self...........

Inner Victim - "Even if I did forgive,  those bosses of mine, all take their turns in tormenting me over and over again? So what's the point?"    This personality began early, perhaps in school, where you were bullied, etc..and this cast member is looking for empowerment.

Inner Critic -  "Bah, who am I kidding? Only saints are able to forgive and I'll never be perfect enough to forgive?"         This character was formed when as a child, you did not get approval and since it was formed at a time when you were getting criticized usually by an adult, it does not know how to approve but only criticizes your actions and thoughts excellently.

Confused and Helpless " Uggh..... all these steps are confusing, how many are they? How long is this going to take.... I better not start....wish someone could help me. Feel so helpless"     
This was formed when you needed clarity and found none. Don't be fooled by this actor asking for help, because it usually turns away, when help is under its nose.

 Saboteur - "just don't know about this Forgiveness thing. It could hurt me, seems risky.. Just safer to read about it and the comments. Perhaps that group she mentioned might give some feedback if it is really safe to do. Think it's much safer to observe from a distance."
This one was formed when you needed to feel safe and secure; as security was missing, again earlier in your life.

 These are all negative sub-personalities, yet they are the dominant ones in the majority of the population. As you do the Forgiveness Process, you will be training other positive sub-personalities that are lying dormant at present and giving these a positive lift up. These would support, encourage and empower you throughout the rest of your life.
The Lower Self is sometimes known as the Divided Self. How many times have you heard this - " I really don't like to do ?, yet I find myself doing it . The 2 pronoun "I" are each talking from a different sub-personality!

To keep the brevity of these posts, the Second Level of energy consciousness or configuration, the Personal Self will be discussed early next week and although this is weekly column, next week there will be 2 posts. Any questions or comments so far? Could you relate to the above or do you have other sub-personalities to share?? Try to have some fun doing this. Expose these sub-personalities with Compassion & with Joy.