Monday, May 23, 2011

Epigenetics Anyone?

Wikimedia -Split  DNA
What's that?  Is that what I  hear many of you asking? Why is she not discussing more Eden Energy Medicine or Energy Psychology,EFT or something we're more familiar with? Well, if you give me a chance to explain... Thanks. Epigenetics is related in many ways to all my other topics on this site.

Ah so many questions and I'll try to answer them, perhaps not all in this post? Before we begin, let me tell you about my absence. It is quite exciting.

As you've noticed it has also been a month since my last post. There are several reasons for that! I have been working on a WordPress website and the launch will be in a couple of weeks or so and it will be more of a site for parents and teachers of children and youth although it will be open to anyone, interested in our future generation! So stay tuned!

Now to Epigenetics.which is a relatively new science, that you might not even find the meaning in your lexicon. My spellchecker does not even recognize it. The following definition is from the journal Science

" the studies of heritable changes in gene function that occur without the change in the DNA sequence."

Epigenetics study the signals that turn genes on and off and it also investigates sources that control gene expression from outside the DNA, like the environment. Sorry, did I get too scientific on you? Perhaps this next statement will make it easier to understand.
"The activation of genes is intimately connected with healing and immune system function."
                                                                                  Dawson Church PhD

Since EEM, EP and EFT work on healthy immune system and promoting resolution to physical, psychological and emotional issues, Epigenetic research will contribute to the explanation of those modalities to the still skeptical scientific community. I would like to continue with this theme and there have already been a few studies on Epigenetics and the research continues. Please send me your questions, so that I can tailor my posts to your requests on the subject. Thanks.

PC Nicholas