Victory Over Cancer

As a health professional (RN), I've provided care and healing for many over the years as well as helping some during the transition periods of life.  Yet, I've always found Western Medicine did not have all of the answers or tools for complete healing and some "band aid" approaches are less than satisfactory.  Were all of the pills given and surgeries performed truly necessary?

In 2004, I was diagnosed with Stage III cancer, and my lymph nodes were removed.  The oncologist told me that if I did not go through with chemotherapy, the cancer would return within two years, and there would be no hope for a cure.  My intuition was strong, and the little voice within me told me not go through with chemo even if it was against the advice of my professional friends.  

This is the 7th year since that ultimatum, and I am more energetic, vibrant, and happier that I have ever been.  Why?  It is due to my exploration of the holistic health field.  Specifically, I work with five modalities of holistic medicine--Qigong, Eden Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology (EFT), Laughter Therapy, and Forgiveness Therapy.  I wrap all of these concepts with the veil of Gratitude.  I would now like for you to experience these healing tools.  You were guided to this website for a reason!  

Readers of my blog have told me that the information is interesting and useful, but I started this site to bring active resolution to your blocks in physical, mental, and emotional health.  When all of these blocks are removed, your spiritual health is naturally restored.  My wish for you is that you actively seek to remove some of your blocks instead of just storing information.

I have compressed all of these tools into one acronym:  RET.  RET stands for Revitalizing Energy Therapy and works for both children and adults.  RET also has preventative components so that you can take a proactive stance on your health.

The EFT and Meridian Tapping also contributed in my beginning and finishing the draft of my first novel in only three weeks.  Even though I love to write and had started novels before, I could never finish them.  Then I tapped on certain issues and voila!  Beneath the Singapore Sky was finished and published in a couple of months.

May you be energized and in turn energize others with your presence!