Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Powerful Healing Tool

I believe the almost six month hiatus from this blog is over, thanks to some faithful readers and followers like NP, Richer44, Theresa111, some of my clients. My blend of energy medicine attracted clients from unexpected sources and I've learned so much from them.  Thank you!  In the following posts, the theme will be what I witnessed as a powerful healing tool, the FORGIVENESS PROCESS. Yes, I can see some of your faces! No need to frown or sigh and you are allowed to be skeptical. So don't run or hide, just take a seat, relax and come on this journey, which you actually have never been before.

Do you have a difficult time forgiving? Not just forgiving another person but yourself?
Do you  remember the harsh words spoken to you by your parent, relative, teacher many years ago?
Do you remember being humiliated by a child or by an adult many years ago?

As you remember all the above, what is the predominant emotion that it evokes.
Please don't analyze, just write the first emotion that those questions trigger? example: sadness, anger, etc.
If you wish, you could send it to me via the comment.

In this series, there will be posts on what the Forgiveness Process actually is, Myths on  forgiveness, the impact forgiveness has on your health, and how Energy Medicine and EFT can overcome the challenges that we face with Forgiveness. People, I have seen remarkable physical and psychological healing when the Power of Forgiveness was released. When you comment, remember to state private, if you don't want it published. Your confidentiality will be respected.

Till the next post.  P. Nicholas