Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool and laughter

Today is usually called April Fools Day! Traditionally, it has been when all sort of pranks have been tested out, usually to elicit laugh for the pranksters. Some people's emotions and egos will be bruised today. Does it have to be so? No!

This idea of laughing at another person's expense is alien to laughter therapy. In laughter therapy or laughter yoga, we LAUGH WITH others and NOT AT others.

Why don't you use this day as a day of laughter, laughing with others, doing fun and silly things. I am sure that many pranks performed today are considered silly. If we can do silly things to evoke laughter for ourselves at the expense of others, then WHY can we just laugh for no reason, even if it seem SILLY! Laughing for no reason is what laughter yoga is all about.

Agapelife / P Nicholas