Thursday, May 14, 2009

Emotional Freedom Technique -EFT - 1

Emotional Freedom Technique
Have you heard of this? If this is the first time,then you might be among the very few left on this planet, hearing it for the first time!
EFT - or Emotional Freedom Technique is the buzz word these days. Just recently, there was an a week of audio symposium on a world summit of EFT with some of the "Masters" of this therapy, giving their presentations, based on their research, experience and practice.
Although Emotional Freedom Technique is categorized as Energy Psychology, it is part of Energy Medicine,too.

I have had some experience with EFT, but before I share them with you, I would invite anyone who experienced EFT or are using them in their practice to comment on their experiences, views and opinions. How many times do you have someone asking for your opinion? My topic for the next several posts will be on EFT?