Saturday, July 12, 2008

Belly :Laughs

Did this cause you to laugh? Why? Comments appreciated! 20minutes of belly laughs equivalent to rowing for 1/2 hour according to recent research.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Laughter's impact on your social life

So how can laughter affect your social life?

Laughter is a universal language. It is contagious. It breaks down barriers. It is a natural diversion.

Laughter therapy has proved successful in relationship repairs for couples. How many times have you heard a woman saying of her partner, "I love his sense of humor", or a man stating that he fell in love with his wife's sense of humor. It has been used in psycho-therapy. It brings people together.

Please enjoy and send me comments on this video below by the founder of Laughter Clubs Dr. Kataria on world laughter day!

What does laughter do to your body?

So I hope you had at least about a dozen laughs yesterday. Today, we will see how those laughter affected your body.
Laughter does the following as research shows -
1. It lowers blood pressure.

2. It decreases the stress hormones.

3. It boosts the immune system by raising levels of infection-fighting cells.

4. It increases the proteins that fight diseases

5. It triggers the release of endorphins which are the body's natural pain-killers.
(Drs.Lee & Beck)
6.It empties the lungs more, resulting in a cleansing effect. Very beneficial for people with emphysema and other breathing or lung conditions.

7. As a cardiac exercise, a belly laugh is equivalent to jogging and as Norman Cousins stated it is internal jogging.

So laughter is an aerobic exercise.

On Monday, we will have a guest blogger - Laughter Specialist, occupational therapist from UK, who has researched and uses laughter in her practice. So return to check it out. Tomorrow how laughter helps you mentally, emotionally and spritually?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Laughter relieves these negative 3

Laughter relieves these three negative emotions - 1. anger, 2. anxiety 3. boredom
I remember when a patient was angry and demanding, I would say something funny or do something funny which would induce laughter from the angry person - O did I say angry - the person was no longer angry.

Did you notice that when you went for an injection or blood tests, if the nurse or technician was saying something funny, you hardly felt the needle?

When a job is boring or tedious or you are in a boring situation like waiting in traffic jams, listening to a comedy cd or joking or laughing with a colleague suddenly alleviate the boredom. I know the DJ in our local radio morning show always has funny incidents or stories.

According to A. Hortop, we should laugh fifty times a day to have great health. Did you gasp at 50 times. This includes giggles, belly laughs, grinning,peals of laughter. Dr E. Chow stated 8 belly laughs a day in her qigong therapy.

Tomorrow, we will look at how laughter exercises certain parts of the body to good health.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Muscles needed for a smile and for a frown

This question was placed on BC forum and no-one came close to the answer for a frown but one person gave the right answer for a smile. Most of the respondents stated that more muscles were needed for a frown.

We use 72 muscles to Frown. We use only 14 muscles to Smile. Smile is the beginning of a laugh. Both are infectious.
Laughter has been re-discovered as a Powerful Arsenal in the battle against many mental and physical diseases.

Even though we seem to be exercising more muscles for a frown, it is laughter that has been called "Inner Jogging" Norman Cousins. That is why it has helped patients who had poor physical endurance or poor limbs that prevented them to jog exteriorly.
Seriously folks, laughter has been given a boost in the Health Care System, finally!

Studies have shown that people who laughed and had a good sense of humor were 40% less likely to have heart attacks or strokes. Some Hospitals have included formal and informal laughter therapy programs. India has laughing clubs as many as there are rotary clubs in the United States. During the National Health Week in Wales, prominence was given to Laughter workshops conducted by none other than a Laughter Specialist.

Tomorrow we will continue with Laughter and Humor. What emotions it releases? Explore the functions of Humor and laughter?
Forget about apples. How many Laughs a day will keep the doctor away??

Monday, July 7, 2008

Laughter and Health

According to A. Hortop, laughter specialist in the UK, people who are able to laugh are 40% less likely to have a heart attack. she added that 50 laughs a day is neccessary for good health.

So for this week, we will be looking at laughter and how it impacts your health and other areas of your life!