Sunday, September 11, 2011

Surprise, Surprise - What the DNA respond to?

As clients were coming to me, these last few weeks, there was a look of pleasant surprise, when their fear, pain or anxiety or anger were removed before their unbelieving eyes, while  I did the spinal flush or the neurolymphatic massage on them in about 20 minutes or more. When I tried to explain, there was still a look of doubt.

So, I told them about a recent research finding by a couple of Russian scientists on the DNA, not the 10% that western medicine is focused on but the 90% that was thought to be "junk".  Well after a few years of thorough research, some of the 90% of human DNA seem to respond to vibrations and words, either negatively or positively.  So how does what I do connect to this latest DNA discovery?

When I do the neurolymphatic massage, I focus on certain areas of the body and the massage I do cause a vibration. I also say certain words and have the clients tune in on certain emotions that they are feeling. Words and Vibrations somehow affect the 90% of the DNA and we have results in a very short time.  The same results with the tapping of Energy Psychology as in EFT and TFT is again due to the DNA or genes response to vibration and words.

My challenge is to keep my client focus on the emotions that are causing them the discomfort or problem. DNA or genes do not have to be removed or cauterized for the healing effects to happen. I predict in the next few years, more and more research will reveal further the capabilities of the "junk" DNA.

If you are still skeptical, you will want to read more about this Russian research findings. Please go to the following link.

PC Nicholas