Sunday, November 14, 2010

Smiling while Learning

This week we will continue with what went on during the EEM training in San Diego where we briefly discussed Donna Eden's view of Life Colors.

During the time I spent at the training in San Diego, mingling and talking with the practitioners as well as those who were recipients of this futuristic yet ancient form of healing, I was struck at the peace and joy with each one of them.  They all look younger than their stated ages. Do you know that smiles are very contagious? Everyone smiled, regardless if they knew you or not. And our principal teacher Donna Eden, was smiling all the time!

So what did we learn? We studied a humongous amount for the 5 days we were there.We were trained to trace our energy meridians, know and feel our neurovascular points, neurolymphatic points and know the location of the alarm points, as well as how to do a quickie energy balance. These are just a few of different techniques we learned and applied them on each other in our small group settings in the evening.

For my long-time readers, we also started our mornings with the Five Minute Daily Energy Routine and during the day, we repeated a couple of the techniques of that Routine when needed. For my new readers, this Five Minute Daily Energy Routine has been documented in my older posts, under the category Energy Medicine.

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