Sunday, February 15, 2009

Laughter Therapy 2

" Laughter Clubs - silly" " Laughter - scary" These are two of the comments I received from a blogger forum. Why is it that people are not scared to show anger, hate or sorrow but when it comes to laughter, it scares them, or when seeing a group of people laughing, it seems silly??

Silly or not, this article will demonstrate the benefits of daily laughter to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. This is especially important in this time of recession and cutbacks of every kind, no one can take laughter away from you except yourself. Here's a video from Oprah - sending her hairdresser to check out a laughter club.

Dr. M. Kateria stated that laughing releases certain hormones and neuropeptides which he calls the happiness cocktail into our bodies. This happy cocktail reduces 1.stress, 2.pain,3. boost our immune system and 4.improves circulation, which all improves your Energy. Laughing also increases the levels of immunoglobin A(1gA) which fights against viral infections like cough and colds. Laughter has shown to decrease high blood pressure, arthritis. It also works for diabetes and cancers.
A few minutes of hearty laughter is equivalent to 10 minutes of jogging.

Your body and mind absorbs laughter to produce and/or maintain overall health. You will not starve your body from food or drink, even for a day, so why should you, starve it from laughter?? What do you think? Send me your comments.