Monday, April 18, 2011

Parents, What do you Fear for Your children???

 Today, we'll show the benefits of the Empower-Student Program. These are benefits not only to the students but also to the parents? Parents are sometimes overwhelmed with trying to provide a safe, happy and healthy environment for their children amidst all entrapment in the real and virtual world facing their children. Definitely, parenting is a challenge today!  So what are the fears facing parents?  Are there coping tools that will help their children? Tools that will give parents some peace of mind?

A recent Canadian survey showed that the following are the fears facing the parents of teens ?
1. Their children's lack of confidence to perform well in school.
2.  Their children will be bullied.
3.  Their children are depressed.
4. Their children's test anxiety.

Parents are looking for tools or solutions and the Empower-Student Program is just one such solution? It comprises of a number of tools, which has also helped teachers in their classrooms. This brief article will not go into the techniques (which uses Energy Psychology): instead it will give the proven benefits. There are many benefits and three of them will be listed for now

1. The students will have emotional control as they learn techniques to regulate their emotions in an appropriate manner.
2. Their self-respect and respect for others is increased.
3. They have a positive attitude, good energy, increased academic and sports performance.

All these benefits come without side-effects.These benefits and ones in the next post will accompany these students throughout college and later to the workforce!

PC Nicholas