Friday, May 30, 2008

Is Suffering necessary?

Well, I can hear some of you say "Yes" and others say "No". Others are ambivilent
Could the "Yes" camp and the "No" camp send in your comments? We will post your answers on Monday? Thanks!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


There are various causes for Suffering, some through a person's choices and habits; some are inherited, and some caused by others' lack of compassion, to mention a few.


Many who have suffered greatly will state that they learned more from suffering than when there was no suffering.

WHAT did they learn?
1. To trust God.
2. To become stronger in mind and heart.
3. To be able to comfort others who might be undergoing similar or dissimilar sufferings. Example: When someone lost their dad suddenly, I could hold their hand and say that I too, lost my dad suddenly. Somehow, more words were not necessary to comfort that person.
4. To be able to empower others to rise above their sufferings!
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THIS MORNING, I receive a comment which will be published when the teen removes actual name as she wishes to remain anonymous. This teenager (mid-teens) said, she has not experience suffering as yet and feels she is missing something. My answer is that you don't have to go searching for suffering, it will come, but it is never to early to be PREPARED! What do you think Readers?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The power of Suffering!

Why this subject which people tend to fear, shun, escape and dislike and reject which are all normal reactions. Yet, it is exactly these very human reactions that makes us empowered by suffering instead of empowering it.

While it is difficult to hide Pain, it is not so with suffering as many people internalize their sufferings.
Suffering, if it was caused by physical or mental pain could be managed as in pain management. There are various causes of sufferings.

What about emotional and spiritual suffering? Synonyms associated with suffering are anguish, heartbreak, heartache.

Unlike physical pain, it cannot be measured. Nonetheless, there are levels of intensity to suffering. It takes more time to heal suffering than to heal pain. If it is spiritual pain, will it cease after this earthly life?

Yet from the writings of well-known mystics, they described this spiritual suffering as sweet, as they are certain of its ending.

People tend to learn from suffering and much has been written about the value of Suffering. Many will tell you that suffering matured them and that they became stronger because of a particular suffering that they overcame! If you wish to share any short story of how suffering improved your life or outlook,please send it to me by clicking on Comments.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Insomnia - Causes

Well we have to postpone my idea of a the topic mentioned yesterday as a friend in my
blogcatalog community, suggested on the causes Insomnia? I am sure at one time in your life you had it. Many people are insomniacs. So here are the results of my research and experiences.

Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep for the regular 6 to 8 hours. There are folks who have 6 hours of sleep at night with 2 nap periods during the day.

The CAUSES of Insomnia
1. Stress including excessive boredom.
2.Stimulants, 3. change in environment or work schedule
4. Prolonged use of sleep medications 5. chronic pain caused by certain conditions,e.g arthritis 6.eating a heavy meal late in the evening.7.Anxiety, 8. Depression 9.sleep apnea, 10. restless leg syndrome. 11. low blood sugar for diabetics.

For remedies, use the natural methods whenever possible. Sleep medications can be counter-productive and there are side-effects which make some MDs are reluctant to prescribe them. Learn how to RELAX and make some positive changes to your lifestyle - and you are already on your way OUT of INSOMNIA.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Blogcatalog - Empowering

Before we get to my next topic tomorrow, to add to the Stress and Health, I saw on MSN this am - health feature about recent research proving Humor's positve effect on Stress!

This online group (Blogcatalog) that I joined a few weeks back has been quite empowering:- when I had some challenges with this blog layout and settings.Thanks! So you will definitely see some additions in the coming weeks.

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My next topic is on Pain and Suffering? Can people be Suffering but not in Physical pain? If you wish to leave your views, click on comment?