Friday, May 30, 2008

Is Suffering necessary?

Well, I can hear some of you say "Yes" and others say "No". Others are ambivilent
Could the "Yes" camp and the "No" camp send in your comments? We will post your answers on Monday? Thanks!


K. Fields said...

I think suffering can be necessary, here is a quote that I like to remind myself of:

There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.
~Willa Cather

These have been some interesting posts.

Empower-You said...

That is an inspiring quote! As for my posts,you have only seen the tip of the "whale's tail". Drop in any time and be empowered. Thanks!

Ann-Marie said...

nice blog - you give a unique medical slant on philosophical/spiritual topics!
Your posts on suffering are interesting...I would say that suffering serves a number of purposes - for one, it forces us out of a confortable rut, especially in the case of say a bereavement where we may have always assumed our parent/friend/partner would be around. Suddenly, we have to step up to the mark and start doing things we opted out of before. Of course this forces us to grow(albeit painfully) - which is ultimately what we are all here to do.
You also make the very key point that in experiencing real suffering, it qualifies us to help others in a more emathetic way.

Empower-You said...

Thanks Ann-Marie for your valuable insights. Visit anytime!


Arcticulates Said:
This is a wonderfully written blog. It causes you to think and ponder some of life's most important questions. I enjoyed reading it.. Great Job! I especially like the new Whale's tail picture. :)

Allison White said...

Being widowed at the tender age of 38 with 3 of our 4 sons still under the age of 18, I believe suffering is perhaps a word to use in a case when nothing else fits. Did my husband suffer? Of course he did! however the Dr's had him numb till the end but did he still suffer? A Pro-founding yes, and not through physical pain (of course you cannot take ALL the pain away)but through a much deeper pain in the knowing that he had been there and done that and there was no more.He was 45 years old. He has missed sooo much, Granchildren etc. plus he missed life! The life you get to live when you are a little older, wiser. Did I suffer? Yes, I suffered then and I suffer still, every single day of my being I suffer in the knowledge that the one person to whom I believed to be my LIFE mate, is here no more. It will be 11 years and I have since remarried, but it is and never will be the same for myself, for my children, for my life.
Suffer, to me is not necessary. It is an only. I truly believe you cannot be a human without that emotion or word or whatever it is. Did I grow due to suffering? You bet I did. Did I want to have that be a part of me? NEVER!!! Did I need it (after the fact?) I suppose. BUT IS IT NECESSARY?
I just don't believe a true loving human being, has an option!
I realize I perhaps took this out of context somewhat, and Idid not mean too. I love what I have read so far on your blog. I will be back. I think you are doing a wonderful "service" for lack of a better word, and I believe ALL people need to see the options and opinion when it comes to all of this.I thank you for what I have read so far.