Monday, May 26, 2008

Blogcatalog - Empowering

Before we get to my next topic tomorrow, to add to the Stress and Health, I saw on MSN this am - health feature about recent research proving Humor's positve effect on Stress!

This online group (Blogcatalog) that I joined a few weeks back has been quite empowering:- when I had some challenges with this blog layout and settings.Thanks! So you will definitely see some additions in the coming weeks.

If you want to leave a COMMENT, just click on the word COMMENT below and a page will open where you can leave a comment which goes to moderation but don't worry, it will be published if it is Inquiring, Positive, Speculative, Funny, Challenging or Empowering? Did I leave anything out?LOL Topic suggestions - most welcomed!

My next topic is on Pain and Suffering? Can people be Suffering but not in Physical pain? If you wish to leave your views, click on comment?


Anonymous said...

Never really visited a blog before. Yours is cool and has lots of good information.

CJ said...

I for one find it best to use humour as a de-stress!