Friday, January 9, 2009

Energy Medicine:-To Diet or Not to Diet?

When Shakespeare wrote his famous phrase, " To Be or Not to Be", there was definitely no obsession about diets then as there is today. For the past three decades or more the diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Just check the Web or your local bookstores.

There are books on many different diets written either by the successful dieter or a diet guru or a celebrity. Pictures of these authors are very attractive and slim. Why is there so much hype about dieting?? Is it about vanity or looking attractive! Is it about being healthy? For the latter let me quote you some statistics from Canada and the USA.

133.6 million,(66%) of American adults are overweight.
76% increase since 1990 of Diabetes Type 2 (associated with overweight) in adults 30years to 40 years of age.(2004) *

60% of Canadian adults are overweight.**(2004)

There are statistics of other health risks due to overweight which space does not permit here.
Incidentally, since there are so many weight loss diets for over three decades, why are the overweight numbers on the increase?? People have definitely spend money following some of these diets! Some have lost weight! The question is - Why did they not maintain the weight loss??

Diet usually is one of the resolutions many people make when the New Year approaches. Since we are still in January, the intent of the next few posts is to clarify the Facts and Myths of Diets? How effective are diets? How costly to your budget and your health? Who or What are you dieting for and Why?

The final part will be my humble, commonsense opinion of the Best diet with quotes by other medical and nutritional authorities on the subject, who are not trying to sell you products or books. When you have a healthy weight, you will have energy that is healing and vibrant. My hope is that by the end of this series, you will opt for a healthy lifestyle which is cost-effective and fun! This series is just an encapsulation of what will be in an upcoming book.

*- wt.control (NIDDK)
** Statistics Canada

copyright/ P Nicholas

Monday, January 5, 2009

May 2009 be filled with Energy and Laughter!

I hope you all had a wonderful time. Wonderful does not mean that you have to suffer side-effects of weight gain and others associated with having "a good time"!

I had a wonderful time and even lost a couple of pounds. Did you know that laughing and singing can cause weight loss. The same goes for some of the energy medicine exercises that I do.

I noticed this advertisement on the internet on Flat Belly Diet and as I read about it, I had an idea to write about diets. So the next post will focus diets. Do diets give you energy? Is there an effective diet? Are there healthy diets. Would like to hear from you. Which diet work for you and which did not? My next post will be around the last week of January.

My prayer and wish for all my readers is that this year of 2009 be one filled with energy, joy, harmony and health for each one of you.