Monday, January 3, 2011

Wishing You a Breathtaking and Breathgiving New Year

I left you last year with the back of the empower-you postcard mentioning RET or Revitalizing Energy Therapies. I said that in the New Year I will explain a little further of what RET comprises of. 
Well, RET is breathtaking and breath-giving. It involves the main ingredients of Energy Therapies that I've found harmonized  and blended with each other.

There are definitely more energy therapies than what I've used but these are what I found work well either individually or in combination.They are Eden Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology & EFT, Qigong, Laughter Therapy, Forgiveness Therapy and Gratitude Therapy. The main common element that runs through all these is the Breath Work which is the literal translation of Qigong. RET is breathtaking in another sense which is - results are achieved at such a relatively short time and the thoroughness of the results are also breathtaking.

In the next few posts, I will try to explain the individual therapies, but unless you experience the effect, you might not appreciate it. That is why, in the third week of January, there will be a 2 hour class akin to a study group dealing with the basic aspects of Energy Medicine which will also include some elements of Energy Psychology, Qigong , laughter and forgiveness therapy. So as not to overwhelm the participants, it will be given over the course of 3 months, 2 hours each month and practice, practice,practice between each monthly classes. There is a limit of 25 persons per class. Some of my former clients will be there, as now they are free from their "problems" and want to learn more.

Till the next post, make this year be full of possibilities!
PC Nicholas