Friday, July 24, 2009

EFT-=Empowering Result.

Why and How did EFT empower me?

I began some tapping about six months on a financial issue. I tried several tapping set-up phrases. Finally, I found one in particular that resonated with me. After a few days of tapping on those phrases, I had a strong urge, almost an obsession to write this novel with a clear vision of the introduction and first chapter. Procrastination became a non-issue. Every night I would have the idea for the next chapter. The novel did not take long to finish, the editing took more time.

It was my dream in my teens to be a writer. As an adult, I thought that once my finances were secure, I would turn to writing. If any of you are thinking in that line, don't.There is nothing like the Now! It seems that creative juices flow more abundantly when you're struggling physically, emotionally or financially.

So now there is this novel Beneath the Singapore Sky and Yes, it has been an empowering and healing experience. So EFT not only helps with emotional and physical issues, it definitely empowers a person.

Although a very empowering experience, writing is also a humbling experience as there will be Critics. Not everyone will like what you write. That is normal but if you touch even one person with your written words, then it was worth the effort.
Agapelife/P Nicholas