Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beneath the Singapore Sky -3

As an author in the 21st Century, one has to wear many hats - writing is not enough. Editing, marketing and managing one's book reading and signing schedules is essential to make your book known. I still consider all these facets, interesting.

More updates on the Beneath the Singapore Sky
There will be a book signing on the 8 August (this Saturday) at BOOKSTOP in the Barrhaven, Nepean location from 1pm - 3 pm.

I am also finalizing a book signing in downtown Toronto for mid-September. What about your sequel, you might well ask?? I am writing a few pages every week due to all the distractions, like book signing, marketing, etc. (LOL).
Beneath the Singapore Sky - 4 onwards will be in my new blog TransformYourLife, which showcases my writing journey, novels, fiction & non-fiction interviews etc, etc. If you enjoy it, let me know!
                                                        Agapelife / PNicholas