Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beneath the Singapore Sky -3

As an author in the 21st Century, one has to wear many hats - writing is not enough. Editing, marketing and managing one's book reading and signing schedules is essential to make your book known. I still consider all these facets, interesting.

More updates on the Beneath the Singapore Sky
There will be a book signing on the 8 August (this Saturday) at BOOKSTOP in the Barrhaven, Nepean location from 1pm - 3 pm.

I am also finalizing a book signing in downtown Toronto for mid-September. What about your sequel, you might well ask?? I am writing a few pages every week due to all the distractions, like book signing, marketing, etc. (LOL).
Beneath the Singapore Sky - 4 onwards will be in my new blog TransformYourLife, which showcases my writing journey, novels, fiction & non-fiction interviews etc, etc. If you enjoy it, let me know!
                                                        Agapelife / PNicholas


Marige said...


Just a couple of questions about "Beneath The Singapore Sky."

1. What is it about? This may sound silly, but apart from the title, there's no mention of the topic. What kind of novel is it? Romance?, Thriller? Tell!

2. How do we get a copy of "Beneath The Singapore Sky? Do you have a link to a sales page (the publisher's or your own)?

Nardeeisms said...

Some blogs just have a positive 'vibe'. This one does. ~Nards