Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beneath the Singapore Sky -2

Oh! I missed this follow-up to my first book signing at BOOK STOP. It went well, considering hardly any advertisement was done and that it was a week-end in the summer.

80% of the people who showed up at the bookstore bought the novel. Some asked me when the Sequel will be out. Since they wanted an answer, I replied, "Before Christmas!" So I have set a deadline for myself.If my posts are brief, please excuse me readers, I have a Sequel to finish! To add to the agenda, book signings have been planned for August, September and October and a book reading in November at the Public Library.

If you have some issues with your vacation plans, find some consolation that I have had no vacation this year. The fact is that I enjoy what I am doing and I don't consider it a chore. Hope some of you are already reading the novel. If you have problems acquiring it, please give a shout or comment.
Agapelife / P.Nicholas

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