Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday Humor

Humor for Saturday

Every Saturday, we will be posting some Humor. Why - Decent Humor can be Healing!
So feel free to send in some of yours - inform me if they are your creation?

A man visits his doctor for some pain treatment. Here's the conversation.

Man " All those pain pills you gave me do not work". I still have severe pain.

Doc: Alright. Why don't you try this pain patch?", (giving him some samples of 2x2 analgesic patches.) "Put one on daily in the morning. You'll get relieve for the day. See me again in 2 weeks. Here is a 2 week prescription!"

2 weeks pass.... Man returns to the Doc.

Doc - You don't seem to be in pain!

Man - It worked great. The only problem is I am running out of space. Man removes his clothes as the Doc stares in horror. The man's whole body was covered in pain patches.

Doc - You are supposed to remove the patch in the night and apply a new one in the morning!!

Have a great weekend

Friday, June 6, 2008

The dreaded P word - Causes

Pain - just the word evokes much uneasiness, does it not? I had a comment from someone who has daily pain, tolerating it and when it becomes unbearable, takes medication for it.
Why only one comment? Probably people want to forget they have it, etc...

There are about 8 or more organizations in the US alone focused on this subject!
The causes of pain are various. Here are some Prominent Causes -

1. Trauma and injuries,
2.Certain diseases
3.Degenerative changes in the body
5.Improper exercising techniques
6.Improper positioning

Pain is a warning sign or signal from your body that it is not working at optimum level due to some blockage. So don't ignore it till it gets unbearable, then you will become unbearable!

Is there Hope for a cure? Definitely,
Tune in on Monday, where we will look briefly at the latest research and prognosis for Pain!
What have you used (EXCLUDING MEDICATION) to relieve your pain? OR If you have almost eliminated your pain, how did you do it?

COMMENTS STILL ACCEPTED! If you wish a private reply, and do not want your comment to be published as is,please indicate - that is why I moderate the comment - just to protect your privacy.

Wishing you a comfortable weekend!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ouch, Is your Pain bugging your Life??

All of us have experience pain or discomfort as I prefer to call it sometime in our lives. Usually it does not last long and the relief comes in position change or popping an analgesic (medication to relieve pain)

For the next several days, we will focus on the types of discomfort,causes of discomfort,Comfort Chart, measurement chronic pain, prevention and management.
Managing discomfort Effectively is one of the keys to Empowering your life!

I would like some Comments on your experience of discomfort and how you cope or are coping. If you wish it to remain confidential, please state private and comments will be modified to ensure privacy.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Power in Suffering - Conclusion

Yesterday,I gave a scenario of suffering and asked if the woman could be prepared for it or even eliminate it. The woman in question has a few options not to suffer during a father's visit. Assertiveness is one, Healing of Memories is another,and so is a change in attitude.

Many times, anxiety, fear and misunderstanding are the culprits of our Suffering! If we can overcome them or manage them, it will lessen the suffering. Attitudes also makes a difference in the intensity of the Suffering!

Readers have commented on how Suffering have made them change for the better or more appreciative of what they have? So suffering does empower us!
The founders of many self-help groups, began those groups after some personal tragic suffering.

If any of you have suffered for six months or more due to the demise of a loved one, please send me a comment marked "private" and I will do counseling for free and it will not be published in the comment section.It will be kept strictly confidential!

Even if you feel you are alone in your suffering, you are NOT! And you don't have to BE!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Suffering - Benefits!

The comments are coming in and so far all have been in the YES camp?
Desiring suffering is not a normal human trait! Actually, we tend to shun and avoid it, whenever possible and even the thought of Suffering can make us shudder and feel uncomfortable. Even the mention of the word and the topic itself causes some unease with many people. All Normal Reactions!

Suffering will come and if we are unprepared for it, which is often the case, we feel the effects MORE! Am I saying we can be prepared for Suffering? In some cases, Yes! Let me illustrate with 2 scenarios -

Scenario 1 - KJ knows he has bad effects that prevents him from functioning when he drinks more than 2 bottles of beer.He goes to a party on Sunday night and has 4 bottles of beer. The next morning he feels so sick that he could not show up for work and missing the interview for a promotion! How he suffered the rest of the week!

Scenario 2 - DK is expecting her father's visit with anxiety as his interaction with her always causes her to suffer due to his belittling attitude and words towards her. What could she do to prevent this suffering?
Perhaps you, my readers would like to make some pro-active suggestions?

Will continue tomorrow evening! Please feel free to leave your comments!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Suffering comments requested?

Well, I have received a few comments, at my e-mail address instead of the comment session here! So we will pause on the topic Suffering - is it necessary for a few days!
So I hope everyone had a lovely week-end! It is still cool for June. Visited the Ottawa Valley and met a dear friend who has Alzheimer's. Long term memory still intact, short-term memory has decreased tremendously. This started 3 years ago. When we visited 4 years ago, she drove her car, brought us out to lunch where we had a great conversation - no signs of Alzheimer's then.

I have given care to many patients with Alzheimer's and this disease can alter personality! Should we write a post about it??