Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Suffering - Benefits!

The comments are coming in and so far all have been in the YES camp?
Desiring suffering is not a normal human trait! Actually, we tend to shun and avoid it, whenever possible and even the thought of Suffering can make us shudder and feel uncomfortable. Even the mention of the word and the topic itself causes some unease with many people. All Normal Reactions!

Suffering will come and if we are unprepared for it, which is often the case, we feel the effects MORE! Am I saying we can be prepared for Suffering? In some cases, Yes! Let me illustrate with 2 scenarios -

Scenario 1 - KJ knows he has bad effects that prevents him from functioning when he drinks more than 2 bottles of beer.He goes to a party on Sunday night and has 4 bottles of beer. The next morning he feels so sick that he could not show up for work and missing the interview for a promotion! How he suffered the rest of the week!

Scenario 2 - DK is expecting her father's visit with anxiety as his interaction with her always causes her to suffer due to his belittling attitude and words towards her. What could she do to prevent this suffering?
Perhaps you, my readers would like to make some pro-active suggestions?

Will continue tomorrow evening! Please feel free to leave your comments!

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