Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Power in Suffering - Conclusion

Yesterday,I gave a scenario of suffering and asked if the woman could be prepared for it or even eliminate it. The woman in question has a few options not to suffer during a father's visit. Assertiveness is one, Healing of Memories is another,and so is a change in attitude.

Many times, anxiety, fear and misunderstanding are the culprits of our Suffering! If we can overcome them or manage them, it will lessen the suffering. Attitudes also makes a difference in the intensity of the Suffering!

Readers have commented on how Suffering have made them change for the better or more appreciative of what they have? So suffering does empower us!
The founders of many self-help groups, began those groups after some personal tragic suffering.

If any of you have suffered for six months or more due to the demise of a loved one, please send me a comment marked "private" and I will do counseling for free and it will not be published in the comment section.It will be kept strictly confidential!

Even if you feel you are alone in your suffering, you are NOT! And you don't have to BE!

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