Friday, June 6, 2008

The dreaded P word - Causes

Pain - just the word evokes much uneasiness, does it not? I had a comment from someone who has daily pain, tolerating it and when it becomes unbearable, takes medication for it.
Why only one comment? Probably people want to forget they have it, etc...

There are about 8 or more organizations in the US alone focused on this subject!
The causes of pain are various. Here are some Prominent Causes -

1. Trauma and injuries,
2.Certain diseases
3.Degenerative changes in the body
5.Improper exercising techniques
6.Improper positioning

Pain is a warning sign or signal from your body that it is not working at optimum level due to some blockage. So don't ignore it till it gets unbearable, then you will become unbearable!

Is there Hope for a cure? Definitely,
Tune in on Monday, where we will look briefly at the latest research and prognosis for Pain!
What have you used (EXCLUDING MEDICATION) to relieve your pain? OR If you have almost eliminated your pain, how did you do it?

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Wishing you a comfortable weekend!

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