Saturday, May 15, 2010

Myths about Forgiveness - Part 1

I bet that many of you are wondering how I can associate the word Myth with the serious word Forgiveness!Well read on to find out.

About a week ago, I had as a discussion topic on my social network forum about what forgiveness meant? The answers were only from a few members whose answers were associated with their belief system.
I am thankful for those who responded and will quote their signature avatars in the final paragraph.

First, let's look at the myths about forgiveness.
1.condoning harm,
3. being weak or being a victim, martyr or a doormat,
4.losing your rightness or proving the wrongness of the other
5. making the other person change
6. something you do "at" another person
7.too difficult or too easy
8. compulsory. 
from Dr. Guy Pettitt MD, Auckland.

I will also add that it does not come automatically which is why Dr. Pettitt calls it a Process.
My next post will show the input of the members who wrote their views of forgiveness and what the forgiveness process is - one easy clue - one of it can be found up on my blog.
Till the next time.
P Nicholas