What is RET?

RET is a specialized holistic healing instrument that I have developed to treat a variety of physical and psychological ailments  as well as to help you boost your immune system and improve your health.  RET combines Qigong, Eden Energy Medicine and Tapping, Positive Psychology, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Laughter Therapy, Forgiveness Therapy, and Gratitude into one powerful and comprehensive tool.

Medical Qigong

Qi" means breath, and "gong" means work.  So this 5,000 year old energy therapy from which acupuncture, tai chi, and kung fu take their origins and has much to do with the breathing technique.  Medical Qigong uses the emitted Qi to areas in the body that is in need of repair. Certain movements combined with the Breath work fortifies the immune system and revitalizes the body’s physical & neurological systems.

Eden Energy Medicine

The following techniques are used in Eden Energy Medicine : energy testing, tracing the meridians, holding neurovascular points, siphoning pain, sedating as well as strengthening acupuncture points, massage of neurolympatic points, spinal flush, zone tapping. These are just some of the techniques that remove blockages to the flow of energy in the body, remove stagnant energies and enhance the body’s immune system.

Energy Psychology, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT ), and Laughter Therapy

EFT or emotional freedom technique developed by Gary Craig uses a tapping technique on specific acupuncture points while stating specific statements to a related issue, emotion or condition. This technique involves stating the emotion you feel at a certain event, no matter how negative and then working through it.  It uses Subjective Unit of Distress (SUD) to gage the progress. I use the Homo-lateral and Cross-Crawl of EEM as a preparatory technique because they enhance the effects of EFT

Laughter Therapy should really be part of Energy Psychology as it works on the emotions and puts one in a positive state for healing to take place. As the founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kateria stated it produces the laughter cocktail which means it releases endorphins (body’s natural pain killers), hormones and neuropeptides and increases levels of immunoglobin A1gA which provides immunity.

Forgiveness Therapy

The Self-Forgiveness Process is vital before you can forgive anyone else.  Using the work and research done by Dr. Guy Pettitt MD as well as techniques from EEM such as “expelling the venom” and “sending forgiveness through the body”, clients are able to forgive themselves and others in a shorter time than they can do on their own. Why is it vital to forgive?

    1. It is a basic need and will make you happy
    2. Improves your will-power
    3. Makes you stronger to confront injustices
    4. Improves your atmosphere
    5. It is telepathic
    6. Empowering ‘...it cancels the conditions in oneself that are blocking
       the  flow of love, independent of the behavior of anyone else or any
       other circumstances’.  Guy Pettitt MD

Gratitude Therapy

This therapy goes in conjunction with previously mentioned therapies.  Gratitude goes a long way in cementing healings that has already taken place.  Included in all the Revitalizing Energy Therapies, there is a small but significant portion devoted to gratitude. This is usually done while tapping and it could also be done in affirmations and mini-meditations.

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