Thursday, November 19, 2009

Energy Medicine - Why the Reluctance?


     In the past 3 years, I've practiced  energy medicine practice in one of its various forms, I have used much of my retirement savings and other income to finance the studies. In my practice, clients received huge discounts for the teaching and application of these techniques. I enjoyed seeing the positive outcomes that made me overlook the lack of financial viability of this business. The average length of treatment was three sessions. What was also remarkable is that a client usually came to see me for one problem but ended the final session with solving other secondary problems as well which made it unnecessary for another set of sessions.

    The strange phenomenon about the healing is the apex effect, clients tell me they refer their friends who ask them what it is all about and since they are not able to explain it to them, it goes no further.It is difficult to explain, I know. Even though I have written posts after posts for 18 months, I've had very few comments and definitely no one has contacted me online, to ask about this unique, yet very effective form of Energy Medicine. Energy Medicine is something that has to be practiced. Reading about it or watching someone doing it does not give you the desired results, although it is probable.. Some of the techniques (you noticed I did not use the word "Exercise" because it is Not like the Pilate or Yoga  exercises) look weird to the western-trained mind. So what? If those techniques can facilitate action of your lymphatic and immune systems that will give you sound health and a balanced, joyful lifestyle, why bother with the critics?

   While doing my research, I had spoken to ex-EFT practitioners. I use the word "ex" loosely. These people still practice on themselves and their family, but could not make a living at it. The ones who are making a living are the ones who give "expensive" seminars or workshops!  Another group include some MDs, social workers, occupational therapists, psychologists and physical therapists who use Energy Medicine, EFT, Qigong and  Laughter Therapy in their Practice, with the clients paying them the standard fees charged by the respective professions.

I do believe when Health Canada would pay the costs of this Alternative Health Treatment (Energy Medicine) as they do for chiros. and physiotherapists, then perhaps, people will seek this effective, wholesome form of treatment that has no side-effect and is very cost-effective. I would boldly predict that when EFT, Qigong and Energy Medicine becomes part of the Health System in Canada, the need for hospitalization and medication  will be greatly reduced. There will be no such thing as long waits, doctor or nurse shortages, etc.

So for the Next few months, I will take time to concentrate on other income-generating activities, offline.  I know some of you have used some of my articles for your blogs. I hope some people have been empowered by this blog.. I have over a 120 posts which you could read. You could still comment and I will follow up on it. The great thing about Energy Medicine (unlike conventional medicine ) - it does not become outdated. What is in this blog will  still be relevant a few years from now. I have also kept this blog - ad-free, so enjoy and be empowered.
 Au Revoir and Blessings!
Agapelife/P Nicholas.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

50 laughs A Day keeps the Doc Away!

  Forget about "an apple a day keeps the doc Away" Try Laughter instead!

So I hope you had at least about a dozen laughs yesterday. Today, we will see how  laughter affected your body. One of my readers commented that he laughed sometimes by himself. That is what Laughter Therapy is all about. Dr. Kateria from Mumbai, who started Laughter Clubs found that laughing without reason is the only way to sustain daily laughter. In India, people meet in the parks for half an hour laughter exercise before going to work. I must admit, it is quite a challenge to do it by oneself especially if others around are not aware of what you're doing or why you're doing it? However, not laughing daily had its negative consequences as I found out - it did lower my immune system.

Laughter does the following as research shows -
1. It lowers blood pressure.

2. It decreases the stress hormones.

3. It boosts the immune system by raising levels of infection-fighting cells.

4. It increases the proteins that fight diseases

5. It triggers the release of endorphins which are the body's natural pain-killers.
(Drs.Lee & Beck)
6.It empties the lungs more, resulting in a cleansing effect. Very beneficial for people with emphysema and other breathing or lung conditions and especially in the Flu Season.

7. As a cardiac exercise, a belly laugh is equivalent to jogging and as Norman Cousins stated, it is internal jogging.

For those who forgot what a Belly Laugh is, this little video might refresh your memories. And if you laugh more, memories become clearer!  So could you answer these couple of questions? 1.Name a few types of laughter?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Energy Medicine & H1N1 Virus 2

 So how does fear, anxiety and paranoia break down the immune system? If you read my last year's posts, negative emotion triggers and releases the stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Fear and anxiety keeps the body in a perpetual state of alert and wears down the immune system.

How do you strengthen your Immune System naturally for any viral attack?
We spoke about nutrition, hygenic precautions and the rest in the previous post. In continuation, we must take care of our lymphatic system, which is twice the size of our circulatory system. Unlike the latter, it does not have the heart to promote its circulation! You know what happens when the heart's pumping action is compromised? So when the lymphatic circulation is compromised and lymph is not draining properly, you have stagnant waste material in different parts of your body.That is a neon light invitation to viruses, bacteria and the like to come and visit!.

In order for the Lymphatic System to be open and move freely, it relies on Muscular Movement, Gravity and Breathing, not any breathing but Deep Breathing.
1.Deep Breathing massages the thoracic duct to empty the lymph nodes there.

2. Exercise -Rebounding on a trampoline is another excellent way to stimulate the Lymphatic System. Don't forget your daily 5minute Energy Boosting Exercises. In fact during this season, do it two or three times a day!

Remember those Stress Hormones are reduced by regular exercises. If you think I'm an exercise enthusiast, well look at what Health Canada stated recently:-
" recommend regular workouts as part of the strategy against H1N1"

3. Laugh daily - it creates a cocktail of happy hormones that strengthens your immune system. Just remember to Deep Breathe between Laughs. This is one cocktail that you can get drunk on and still wake up in the morning very happy.

However, CAUTION -  Extreme forms of exercise are not recommended during this Flu Season. Extreme like running marathons and spending several hours of rigarous gym workouts.These tend to decrease white blood cells and increase Stress Hormones.  Another precaution is excerising outdoors in the cold, as the cold can further irritate inflammed bronchial pathways.*When using the trampoline or any other exercise equipment, please follow the safety precautions given.

So use your CS,  eat healthy, increase vit. C, drink at least 8 glasses of water, deep breathe, exercise (unless you have a fever), laugh much and the little viruses will find your body - a literal fortress!

Agape/P Nicholas

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Energy Healing & H1N1 Virus

     When people talk about the H1N1 virus, I detect Fear, be it on the mediia or the internet or just people around the city. No one wants a Pandemic! News reporting mortality rate is contributing to the cause of the fear! Negative Attitude and feelings are another thing I have noticed. Actually,that is why H1N1 is so newsworthy, because it makes one feel negative, fearful and anxious and paranoid. This in turn affects your natural immune system. If you read any posts in my blog, you know what's coming next, don't you?

Energy Medicine strengthens the Immune System.Your Immune System will be enhanced by some of the energy techniques - a sample is given on the posts written a few weeks ago.  However, some common precautions from allopathic medicine also helps. They are

1. Handwashing, after touching doors, chairs, knobs in public. Cleaning all frequently touched areas in your house.
2. Use the proper way when sneezing.
3. Drink at least 8 glasses of water. Cut down on sweet drinks and caffeine!
4. Increase amounts of fruits and vegetables and make sure they are washed thoroughly.
5.Have enough rest - 8 hours of sleep!
6.Stay away from crowded places, especially if you have some symptoms.
There are many others. Perhaps my readers would like to share.

Next week, I will like to share how anxiety, fear and paranoia, breaks down the immune system.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Energy Boosting Program -3

My first class of this program begins next Wednesday for 6 weeks. It is already full. Should I start another on the week-end? As yet, I have not decided. In the following weeks, the posts will be brief, relating to the feedback of the students attending the classes!

The Wellsphere award time is here again. If you see on the right side of the this page, there is a button for you to vote for this unique alternative health blog. Unique in two ways. 1.The information given is rather innovative and people have commented that it has empowered them.  2. There is no product that you have to buy and there is no click advertisement on this site and neither am I asking for a donation!
For these above mentioned reasons, my request is not unreasonable, is it? - just to vote for my blog with a short comment. Thank You!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Energy Boosting Program /2

Today, we'll continue with more of the benefits of this program.

6. Improves and increases your co-ordination.
7. Calms the Nervous System and releases mental congestion.
8. Sends toxins to body's waste removal system.
9. Clears stagnant energies including emotional residue.
10. Helps clear thinking and protects from negative energy.

All previous participants of this program have experienced nothing but positive changes in their physical,mental or emotional health. For some, it has also helped them spiritually.

This is a six week program. One hour/weekly with homework to do before the next session. It is done in small group settings. However, it is also available for organizations and businesses. If interested, please contact me via the comments and mark private, so that your request will not be published.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Energy Boosting Program

Permanent Energy Boosting Program

Usually the season for colds, flu and other upper respiratory diseases have approached. Are you prepared? How do you prepare? Perhaps taking part in an energy boosting program is an excellent way to prepare for it.
In a few weeks, I will be facilitating this program, one hour a week.

This 6 week program of learning and putting into practice, the easy - step by step powerful techniques, used daily so that it becomes second nature. When you have mastered these powerful steps, you begin your day by spending 5 minutes every morning with this energy boosting and balancing, immune enhancing techniques with the added benefit of helping circulation.

Just a few of the great benefits.
1. Boost your immune system
2. Raise your energy levels
3.Energizes when you’re drowsy
4.Increases strength and vitality
5.Balances your blood sugar levels

Next week, more of the benefits will be outlined.
Agapelife/P Nicholas

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"You are a Latticework of energy "

The above, a quote from Donna Eden who wrote Energy Medicine and she is referring to each one of us, without any exceptions. Really no need for channeling, is there?.
Tonight, I heard an interview with Donna Eden, my guru of Energy Medicine, not just practicing and writing about it, she also has made it her crusade to teach and demonstrate energy medicine to the masses.Energy works without you willing it or thinking about it but stressors in your life play a crucial part in the energy system of your body. Remember we are working with two main energies, positive or negative which is also lack of!

Look at your hand. It is electromagnetic and that is why you sometimes feel the energy running through your system, as if you had touched a live socket.It's is referred to as static shock.
Are you able to read the energy in yourself and others? You should and again this needs some practice.
We can feel our energies and those of others. Have you heard this expression, " I had a gut feeling this would happen." Intuition, which many of us have abandoned to our detriment. Intuition, when fine tuned can be a useful tool to read our energies.

Some people are able to see energies that circulate in and out of the body with spirals and weaves. Have you noticed how a baby when held, looks around the person. That baby sees the energies, so does the child but the teens and adult do not see it. Why? We let that skill lie dormant as it was not what the adults were talking about or perhaps the child was told frequently, it was the imagination or a dream etc.

An experiment conducted by Donna had a group of parents in a small town, talk about energies to their babies and children ; years later, when these were teenagers, they were still able to see the energies around different people. There are so many examples which I might mention in future posts, if you request it.( onc involved a surgeon in a busy hospital) *1

In March I had a 7 day challenge on this blog in which several bloggers took part. I gave them the exercises below. Please visit the posts and read their revealing comments. There were three posts and you could find it under Energy Medicine - 7 day challenge.

1. Be thankful for what you DO have! You have a roof over your head. You do have some good health, a good bed to sleep on, Your intelligence! What about family and friends?
I find it good to give thanks in the morning when I awake.

2. Make a funny face in front of the washroom mirror and laugh for about 5 minutes, while doing your bathroom routine, after that, take 3 long slow deep breaths. You could continue laughing while you're doing your bathroom routine. Caution - don't laugh while shaving, guys! You can smile.

3.Cut back your intake of negative news from newspapers, radio,television or the Internet.You are protesting,"I want to be current on the news". You will not miss much - "Bad" news travel fast". Put on some lively or soothing music according to your preferences.

4. Look for the good news! They travel slowly. Also look for the good things you see around you on the street, at work and at home and smile. Spend at least one hour quality time with yourself or your family. Accentuate the positive.

5. Find positive things to say at work or home. Tactfully change the subject if negative ones crop up in your conversations and discussions. Accentuate the Positive.

6. Watch comedies or funny shows on TV or at the movies! Invest in a book of jokes.
Read a couple of pages a day. Cut out "Funny Pictures or Cartoons"
Stick them on areas like your work station, fridge, TV, to remind you to smile.
Brisk exercise for 20 minutes or laughing exercises for 20 minutes.
Laughing for 20 minutes including belly laughs is equivalent to an hour's jog.

7. In the evening, give thanks for your day and look forward to the next one

In the next post, I will give you some of the ways of boosting your Energy System, which in turn will boost your immune system and general health. Anyone interested in doing another 7 day challenge, please let me know in the comment section.

I'll leave the last word to Donna as she stated in this evening's interview about Energy Medicine. An eye opening statement don't you think during this time of all the flu viruses floating around??.

" It turns around Vulnerability to Strength!" (Donna Eden)

Agapelife/P Nicholas
1. Eden, Donna, Energy Medicine

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Energy Healing and Attitude

What is the connection, you might ask? Is there a connection?
        Firstly let us define Energy Healing? Each of us have energy emanating from our body. This is our energy system. When our energy is vibrant, we act, think and function optimally. However, when any part of energy system is blocked, our health, vitality and clarity of mind is affected. "Energies most pertinent to energy medicine are electrical energies, elecromagnetic energies and subtle energies."*1

       Secondly - the definition of attitude - a considered disposition or reaction to a person or a thing or a way of regarding or a posture. Attitudes can be Positive, eg. optimism or Negative eg. ingratitude. I am sure you can find many other attitudes that fit in the positive or negative columns.

       The attitude of gratitude lifts your energy. So does optimism.Studies have shown that people who hold positive expectations instead of anticipating negative outcomes have better overall health. Also, people who meditate regularly have a higher degreee of strength and resilience *2

       How does attitude help with the employment situation?  People with positive attitudes are more open to possibilities and opportunities, whereas a negative attitude does just the opposite. Many inventors and successful entrepreneurs tried and tried many, many times before they achieved success. Imagine if the Wright brothers gave up after they experienced some major failures, we would not be traveling by planes. What if Edison's, and Bell's failures stopped them from inventing what we have taken for granted in our lives today?

        Many of our attitudes have been learned since we were children or after certain recurring experiences. In energy healing or energy medicine, we can re-learn those attitudes that will bring optimal health to our body, mind and spirits. Some effort is involved and support from others who are on the same  road  is strongly recommended. Finding a good energy practitioner is also a boon. However, the reward will permeate not only your physical, mental  and social health but also your wealth. You will begin to see yourself transforming from a needy person to an empowering person!

*1  Donna Eden & D. Feinstein,PhD, Energy Medicine, (Jeremy P.Tarcher/ Penguin,2008)
*2 - ibid -

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Revitalizing Energy Therapy (RET)- Is it for you?

How do you know if Energy Medicine is for you?

If you have tried all forms or most forms of conventional medicine and your condition or disease has not been cured!
If conventional medicine has given you only temporary relief!
If you seem to have many side-effects from conventional medicine.
If the side-effects from conventional medicine appears to be worse than the disease itself.
If You are Sick and Tired of being Sick And Tired all the time.
If you really want to get well and there are no repercussions to being Healthy and Well? If you think this is strange, there are some people who feel that sickness is the only way they can receive attention or caring.

If any of the above fit you, then you are ready for Energy Medicine.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beneath the Singapore Sky -3

As an author in the 21st Century, one has to wear many hats - writing is not enough. Editing, marketing and managing one's book reading and signing schedules is essential to make your book known. I still consider all these facets, interesting.

More updates on the Beneath the Singapore Sky
There will be a book signing on the 8 August (this Saturday) at BOOKSTOP in the Barrhaven, Nepean location from 1pm - 3 pm.

I am also finalizing a book signing in downtown Toronto for mid-September. What about your sequel, you might well ask?? I am writing a few pages every week due to all the distractions, like book signing, marketing, etc. (LOL).
Beneath the Singapore Sky - 4 onwards will be in my new blog TransformYourLife, which showcases my writing journey, novels, fiction & non-fiction interviews etc, etc. If you enjoy it, let me know!
                                                        Agapelife / PNicholas

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beneath the Singapore Sky -2

Oh! I missed this follow-up to my first book signing at BOOK STOP. It went well, considering hardly any advertisement was done and that it was a week-end in the summer.

80% of the people who showed up at the bookstore bought the novel. Some asked me when the Sequel will be out. Since they wanted an answer, I replied, "Before Christmas!" So I have set a deadline for myself.If my posts are brief, please excuse me readers, I have a Sequel to finish! To add to the agenda, book signings have been planned for August, September and October and a book reading in November at the Public Library.

If you have some issues with your vacation plans, find some consolation that I have had no vacation this year. The fact is that I enjoy what I am doing and I don't consider it a chore. Hope some of you are already reading the novel. If you have problems acquiring it, please give a shout or comment.
Agapelife / P.Nicholas

Friday, July 24, 2009

EFT-=Empowering Result.

Why and How did EFT empower me?

I began some tapping about six months on a financial issue. I tried several tapping set-up phrases. Finally, I found one in particular that resonated with me. After a few days of tapping on those phrases, I had a strong urge, almost an obsession to write this novel with a clear vision of the introduction and first chapter. Procrastination became a non-issue. Every night I would have the idea for the next chapter. The novel did not take long to finish, the editing took more time.

It was my dream in my teens to be a writer. As an adult, I thought that once my finances were secure, I would turn to writing. If any of you are thinking in that line, don't.There is nothing like the Now! It seems that creative juices flow more abundantly when you're struggling physically, emotionally or financially.

So now there is this novel Beneath the Singapore Sky and Yes, it has been an empowering and healing experience. So EFT not only helps with emotional and physical issues, it definitely empowers a person.

Although a very empowering experience, writing is also a humbling experience as there will be Critics. Not everyone will like what you write. That is normal but if you touch even one person with your written words, then it was worth the effort.
Agapelife/P Nicholas

Thursday, July 16, 2009


If you read the two previous posts, you have seen the result of EFT. So is EFT an empowering tool?

Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, mentioned several times in his writings to try EFT on anything, which is what I did. My primary goal was to clear a painful relationship memory. It never occurred to me that the result would be a novel. Yet I did write this novel BEYOND THE SINGAPORE SKY in so short a time. That was the exciting bonus.

Did I achieve the primary goal? Yes, that painful relationship memory is not painful anymore. So I do believe EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is also an empowering tool?
Agapelife/P Nicholas

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beneath the Singapore Sky

The novel is available in BookStop at 4-1224 Place D'Orleans Drive,Orleans, ON K1C 7K3 613-841-7897 That is where I will do a book signing on the 18 July in the afternoon.
It is also available at Mother Tongue books, 1067, Bank St, Ottawa,ON K1S 3W9 1-800-366-0514(within Canada)
Coming soon - an e-version - that downloads.

My previous post displayed the front cover and this is the back cover. My thanks to Angela Lovell,Editor from Manitoba, Canada for her kind review. She is a member of BlogCatalog. Do visit her blog Once a fortnight OR

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

EFT Result??

This is a slight departure from my EFT series or is it? Gratitude is part of EFT and I will be offering my thanks to a number of people in this article.

In the spring, while I was doing some EFT tapping on some issues, a strong thought of writing a novel came to me during the tapping and this thought persisted throughout the night and the next morning. It did not evaporate and I began writing an historical novel which took me about 3 weeks, non-stop to complete. Then, came the longer time of finding editors,publishers, self-editing, layout and working on the book covers. I entered into the world of self-publishing.

Along the way, I came into contact with some kind, generous souls, including one in particular who was in my social networking site. Her name is Angela Lovell and she wrote the review which is on my back cover. She also did some further editing. Then, my retired neighbor, Tony Artna helped me with the graphics for the cover. Another friend Carolyn, read the first draft. A number of friends and former colleagues have already ordered some copies. So to all those who supported me in writing this novel, I will always be grateful to you and invite you to share my accomplishment.

"Beneath the Singapore Sky" is now printed. The challenging job of marketing begins. This novel was printed in Canada. I hope to have it distributed in the US and internationally. So in the meantime, as mailing is too expensive an option, I am considering e-books? I have not approach Amazon yet? What do you think?

I do believe this novel was the result of my EFT tapping! It was an healing,liberating and empowering experience.

Agapelife/P Nicholas

Friday, June 19, 2009

EFT - 5

As I mentioned at the start of this series, my EFT experience is still at a beginner's level and I have incorporated it into my practice as the results have been impressive, faster, when I have tapped on my clients than when I have tapped on my own issues. I believe it is easier to be objective when one is working on another person's emotions.

Recently, a client came to see me on some anger issues with her spouse. First, I asked her on a scale of 1 - 10 ( ten being the most intense) where her emotion of anger was. She replied 10.She did not appear comfortable to tell me the incident or event that made her livid. I told her it was not necessary to tell me, but that when I was doing the tapping and saying the phrases, she had to bring the incident to her mind. So we worked with the tapping and the phrasing of the anger in words and deep breathing between rounds. After 15 minutes, I asked her where her anger level was and she said - 4. Before we continued with another set of tapping rounds, I asked her if she wanted to change the phrases, I was using and she decided that my phrasing was exactly what she would use but I gave her the freedom to jump in with a change of phrasing, during the rounds. She also decided to do the tapping on herself instead of me doing the tapping.

Then after another 5 minutes, I asked her to gauge her anger level. She said it was two and found that acceptable and her whole body including face and voice looked peaceful. However, I told her that with a couple more rounds of EFT we could bring it lower. So we did another 5 minutes and then she looked at me surprised - " I don't feel any anger toward him anymore - it is O.

To test this, I asked her to think of the whole incident to bring up the anger. She did but she could not feel anger. We worked on some unrelated issues and an hour later, I asked her to bring up the incident that made her angry. She did but could not feel anger about it.

More about EFT can be found on the founder Gary Craig's website.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


"With people that suffer from mental illnesses, if you remove one aspect of thinking, it will need to be replaced by another,"

What is the DOWNSIDE of getting rid of a physical or mental problem, or an addiction or a negative emotion??

No I haven't lost it? Yes for some people there is a Downside, which is why a therapy does not appear to work on certain individuals! It is a crucial question that practitioners of Energy Medicine or any other therapies, have to ask their clients? And for clients to ask themselves? Is there a downside to having a healthy weight or quitting cigarettes or alcohol or even to re-gain one's mobility or to overcome one's chronic pain?

For the issue of smoking, excess alcohol and food intake, there are social repercussions. Example, if they quit smoking, then they no longer feel welcomed in that cozy social group of smokers and if that group was their main social group of friend, then how are they going to find a new group or could they even find a new group - Perceived Companionship, Safety and security loss could be the motivator for holding on to an illness or an addiction?

In EFT, the term core issue is used. Once this core issue is released, then one will make progress with resolution of the illness or addiction. I knew of someone, who stated she wanted arthritic pain relief but after some muscle testing, she was found strong on not wanting to get rid of it. Puzzling, so I investigated - It was discovered that being pain-free, would alienate her from a pain support group which was her only form of socializing. She also felt her children called her regularly to inquire about her condition. She remembered a few years ago, without arthritic pain - she only heard from them twice a year!
The following was taken from Gary Craig's newsletter of how a physician assistant used EFT in the clinic to help two patients in mental distress.

Agapelife/P Nicholas

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


"With people that suffer from mental illnesses, if you remove one aspect of thinking, it will need to be replaced by another,"

Mental conditions have many aspects to them. In EFT language, an aspect is another branch of the condition or the problem. EFT is used with other psychotherapies to produce effective results. Dr.D Feinstein talks about the effects of EFT in his book Energy Psychology.

As with some mental conditions, including addictions and cravings, Gary Craig calls these addictions as tranquillizers. So the huge question becomes - what are they tranquillizing from? It is the same with dieting and weight gain!

If you remove an addiction without finding what caused that addiction in the first place, then, the addiction will return in another form because the underlying anxiety was not addressed. Example: Someone works on controlling an alcohol addiction - is he successful if he replaces alcohol with smoking? So Now when he is anxious, he smokes instead of drinking beer? Looked like he has substituted one addiction for another. Below is an article written by a EFT practitioner on the different aspects of the smoking addiction.

EFT does take some effort, much persistence but the rewards appear to be long term.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

EFT -2

"With the mental aspect, can you describe how you recommend the removal of the negative and then replacing it with _________? With people that suffer from mental illnesses, if you remove one aspect of thinking, it will need to be replaced by another, if not, it will revert. Is this the fashion that you practice?" from www.lyaayasmoderators.blogspot

This was the questions posed by a member of my social network. The next few posts will attempt to answer this NOT as a psychologist or psychiatrist which I am not. I ALWAYS Recommend that my clients continue to see their physician, psychologist or psychiatrist. Some psychologists and psychiatrists Are Already incorporating Energy Medicine and EFT in their practice.

What I like about Energy Medicine and EFT, the treatment is VERY individualized.So no 2 people with the same Labeling or Diagnosis have the same intervention, example, for 2 persons with depression, the set-up phrases and tapping spots might be different.
That is where my assessment training and other skills. as an RN comes into play. It is why I never make any blanket statement on people's health condition, be it physical, mental or spiritual.

This is the EFT Discovery Statement by the founder Gary Craig:-


Although I am seeing much evidence of the above statement in my practice, I do know after being in the health field for many years, there might be exceptions especially in the area of psychiatric conditions.

Next week, we will touch on the second part of the question!
Agapelife/P Nicholas

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Emotional Freedom Technique -EFT - 1

Emotional Freedom Technique
Have you heard of this? If this is the first time,then you might be among the very few left on this planet, hearing it for the first time!
EFT - or Emotional Freedom Technique is the buzz word these days. Just recently, there was an a week of audio symposium on a world summit of EFT with some of the "Masters" of this therapy, giving their presentations, based on their research, experience and practice.
Although Emotional Freedom Technique is categorized as Energy Psychology, it is part of Energy Medicine,too.

I have had some experience with EFT, but before I share them with you, I would invite anyone who experienced EFT or are using them in their practice to comment on their experiences, views and opinions. How many times do you have someone asking for your opinion? My topic for the next several posts will be on EFT?


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Energy Healing -first anniversary

It is my one year anniversary as I started this blog last May!
Does time fly in this Recession? No? Businesses seem to slow down, lay-offs seem to make the time long? Do you have any control? Can you make any changes? If you said No to the last two questions, then read on....

I am no different from many of you as I am on a limited income and my business income is variable. The difference perhaps from some of you is this - I had made some CHOICES deliberately,learning from and using my Energy Medicine tools on myself. Here are 5 of them.

1. Instead of worrying, use the Time with my Energy Medicine Therapy/exercise x2 or x3 daily.
example - laughter therapy, 5 minute Energy Exercises,EFT.

2. Writing posts on my blog to share ways of being Empowered instead of being powerless. Believe me, there were many times I had to force myself to write.

3. Doing EFT tapping which caused the flow of creative juices, resulting in writing a book. Hope to have it published by June 2009

4.Changing negative thoughts and words to the Positive.

5.Last but not least daily meditation and thanksgiving.

In these days of Recession and Lack, focus of What you Do Have, no matter how small they seem and do not resent others for what they have. Why? Resenting others for their financial gains Will backfire on you. If you want money, don't resent or be envious of others who have it. So if you want time to fly in this recession, perhaps you could try the 5 suggestions given above. They have made time fly for me.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Energy Medicine - A Misnomer 2?

A comment I received from my last post was from a drug company, stating that Energy Medicine is more a Self-Help and not Medicine? This comment is very predictable coming from a drug company.

Many of you have heard of Acupuncture,have you not? It is practised worldwide and accepted in mainstream medicine, so none would argue that it is not medicine. Acupuncture was practised first in China.For many years, it was under the category of Chinese Medicine. Now even western trained physicians perform acupuncture. Did you know it is a form of Energy Medicine?
The systems that acupuncture works on is the same ones that Energy Medicine uses albeit without the needles.

Energy Medicine is not a misnomer but it is Medicine that does not create dependence or co-dependence that is a regular feature of many drugs in the market today!
Agapelife / P Nicholas

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Energy Medicine - A Misnomer?

Someone mentioned recently that she had misgivings about anything with the name "Medicine" Medicine as we all know is a substance that is used to heal or prevent disease.

Why the name Energy Medicine? Is it a Misnomer? As far as my research has taken me in the domain of Energy Medicine, one does not have to take anything by mouth. There are no pills or syrups or even supplements promoted. It is encouraged in Energy Medicine to eat sensibly.

Energy Medicine is in the category of Alternative and Complementary Medicine but unlike some alternative medicine where certain nutritional supplements or herbs are emphasized, it is not so with Energy Medicine. So what is the Medicine part?
According to Donna Eden, Energy is the medicine. She adds that your body's energies are able to mobilize and respond to illness. In energy medicine, troubled energies are the Patient. To re-pattern these troubled energies is the Solution of Energy Medicine.

Agapelife/P Nicholas

Ref: Eden,Donna, Energy Medicine,2008

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool and laughter

Today is usually called April Fools Day! Traditionally, it has been when all sort of pranks have been tested out, usually to elicit laugh for the pranksters. Some people's emotions and egos will be bruised today. Does it have to be so? No!

This idea of laughing at another person's expense is alien to laughter therapy. In laughter therapy or laughter yoga, we LAUGH WITH others and NOT AT others.

Why don't you use this day as a day of laughter, laughing with others, doing fun and silly things. I am sure that many pranks performed today are considered silly. If we can do silly things to evoke laughter for ourselves at the expense of others, then WHY can we just laugh for no reason, even if it seem SILLY! Laughing for no reason is what laughter yoga is all about.

Agapelife / P Nicholas

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Energy Medicine - Part 4

This is the last few days of the 7 day challenge.
K Fields of Articulates shares her experience below

"I have done quite wonderfully at it. I have kept my cool under the most extreme circumstances of when my mother who is undergoing some medical treatments was experiencing serious problems and when I first asked the MD assistant, about it I got a shoulder shrug... instead of getting upset, I took a deep breath, smiled and asked as nicely as I could if there was something I could do to help reliever her of the pain she was in... For some reason this seemed to sink into the MD that this was a serious problem and he became instantly helpful, and my mom is doing better now.. Thank-you! "

Please send in your comments!
Agapelife / P Nicholas

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Energy Medicine 7 day Challenge - Part 3

Tomorrow will be the last day for the first round of this challenge. As expected, there were some difficult periods,yet what was surprising, there were no drop-outs.
So a big round of applause for the 5 participants.

These are their responses of their experiences.
Melinda stated that this challenge made her days happier and lighter and recommends it for everyone.

Lady H has this story to relate after 5 days into the Challenge! I have abbreviated it.

I was in the supermarket, with both of my children are sick may I add. There was an older couple just standing blocking the walk way. I kindly asked " excuse me can I get through" and they just stood there looking at me. At this point my daughter starts throwing up.
I was rushing to go to check out. I was furious. They were still standing there, Yes I was having what I call a mental moment. I wanted to just scream. My daughters and son are crying. Then I saw the older woman walk towards me, who said,
"Miss you are so blessed. My husband and I was looking at your kids and they are so beautiful. How old are you." I am in my early-mid 20s. " she replied, " Well if you don't know, you are so blessed to have such beautiful children, we never had kids and we love looking at children."
I almost cried, but instead I smiled and said, " Thank you," That was moment I realized, this challenge can affect you in so many ways. When you try to surround your self with positive energy you can always change the outcome."

This is from HelloAnnie,
"I told my family to laugh in the morning and my daughter rolled on the floor with laughing each morning."

I hope that all the participants continue these exercises. If it worked to elevate your mood and your day, why stop? Keep it going...
Some of you indicated that you want to take this challenge - Welcome, tomorrow is a good day as any. Look at all the comments in the two previous posts to get more tips from the participants.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Energy Medicine - 7 Day Challenge -Part 2

Several blogger and readers have decided to take up this challenge. I applaud you for your courage! Definitely, courage is essential in taking up this challenge!

After reading some of the comments from the participants, for" 5 minute Laughing in the Bathroom seem difficult for some as they felt their family or neighbors would think they were crazy. Yes, that is likely - generally, people think you have to laugh for some reason or else something is wrong with your mental faculties. Yet, I have worked in psychiatric facilities, and hardly heard any laughter there!

First to clarify - 1. After about a minute or so of laughing, PLEASE take one or two deep breaths, which is breathing in, through the nose with your mouth shut, and breathing out through your mouth as if slowly blowing out a candle. So in 5 minutes, there should be about 5 to 10 breaths in between the laughing.

2. Let your family or neighbours know why you are laughing and get them to join. If that is out of the question, then break up your laughing into segments. Like Columbia asked, Yes 3 minutes would be sufficient for the bathroom, however, do 2 minutes in the bedroom while dressing or go on the phone / cellphone and pretend you are talking to your friend who is making you laugh. Don't forget to breathe every minute or so, so it looks like you are listening.

3, You could also continue the laughing in your ride to work, waiting for the bus, in the bus or subway, with the cell-phone close to your ear. You can laugh in the car. Be creative and make the laughter as natural as possible. The first few times, you WILL Feel as if you're faking it. Just see what happens after a couple of days.

4. Let the 5 minutes in the morning only be the start of the rest of day, If you can have 5 minutes in the middle of the day and 5minutes during the journey home from work and 5 minutes in the night, notice the difference in your emotions and attitudes.

5. These tips was given by Richard Schooping "Create daily reminders of awareness through computer reminders, hourly phone alarms, etc," ..."the most important "step" is to create quiet time daily for stillness so that all aforementioned steps will have the soil of silence to flower." Thanks Richard.

6. JOT down your emotions, your well-being each day in your calendar or day agenda, so that you can compare it on the SEVENTH day.

The video above is to help you to laugh and just go to You-Tube to see more of these laughter videos - and YES that was several belly laughs!

For some of you, the first day is gone - so please let me know how it went and if you need any assurances, support, etc.. If you have issues, I will e-mail you, you could put your e-mail in comment, marked confidential and it will not be published.

Just received news flash from Melinda - she states " it is good and fun" Yes Fun it should be if not these first days, then in the next couple of days. If you're not having fun, let me know, I'll show you how you can make this 7 day Challenge - a Fun Filled experience.

Rooting for your success!
Agapelife / P Nicholas

Monday, March 2, 2009

Energy Medicine - 7 Day Challenge

What's there to be positive about will be your question??? The Recession? Job cuts? Rising debts? The list goes on and on? I hear you? I have been there and I have not completely risen above it. However if you don't want all the above to lead you to serious illnesses, then you have to find things to be positive about? How can you do that?? Impossible? No, I've tried it and so have others and it Definitely elevated my mood and outlook.

Well there are 7 ways I've found to help you bring good things your way!
Take this challenge for 7 days by doing these Seven activities daily. Are you Ready to take this 7 day challenge???

1. Be thankful for what you DO have! You have a roof over your head. You do have some good health, a good bed to sleep on, Your intelligence! What about family and friends?
I find it good to give thanks in the morning when I awake.

2. Make a funny face in front of the washroom mirror and laugh for about 5 minutes, while doing your bathroom routine, after that, take 3 long slow deep breaths. You could continue laughing while you're doing your bathroom routine. Caution - don't laugh while shaving, guys! You can smile.

3.Cut back your intake of negative news from newspapers, radio,television or the Internet.You are protesting,"I want to be current on the news". You will not miss much - "Bad" news travel fast". Put on some lively or soothing music according to your preferences.

4. Look for the good news! They travel slowly. Also look for the good things you see around you on the street, at work and at home and smile. Spend at least one hour quality time with yourself or your family. Accentuate the positive.

5. Find positive things to say at work or home. Tactfully change the subject if negative ones crop up in your conversations and discussions. Accentuate the Positive.

6. Watch comedies or funny shows on TV or at the movies! Invest in a book of jokes.
Read a couple of pages a day. Cut out "Funny Pictures or Cartoons"
Stick them on areas like your work station, fridge, TV, to remind you to smile.
Brisk exercise for 20 minutes or laughing exercises for 20 minutes.
Laughing for 20 minutes including belly laughs is equivalent to an hour's jog.

7. In the evening, give thanks for your day and look forward to the next one.

The first couple of days will be very challenging, I promise, you should enlist support from a couple of friends or family members. If you did not complete the Seven instructions the first or second day, don't be discourage, just continue with the 7 day challenge. If you have more than this seven to make you feel positive, then use them. Also remember, you could write on my comments for help and support and I will reply privately if you wish.

I do want to hear from as many of you on this 7 day challenge which will begin this Friday. However, you may start it any day for 7 days. I am rooting for you!

Agapelife / P.Nicholas

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Laughter Therapy 3

"This person arrived at the laughter club. She did not make eye-contact, looked downcast,anxious with her head looking down. A few minutes into the laughter session, she started to make eye contact, cautiously smile, then laughed. At the end of the session, she told the class, she had lung cancer and forced herself to come to the laughter class in an attempt to elevate her mood and now she felt relaxed and even joyful." ( quote from Sophie, leader of Laughter club)

The above was from an interview with Sophie T, leader of the Sunflower Laughter Club in Ottawa. Another story that Sophie shared was about a person who had not smiled for 2 years and was suicidal. After a visit to the laughter club, he laughed which gave him hope to continue his treatment.

These are not isolated incidents. There are other testimonies that you will find on Sophie's website as well as the website of Laughter Club International. Please see the links given at the end of this article. So who attends the laughter clubs? According to Sophie, they are divided into two groups 1. Those who want to prevent stress related diseases 2. Those who have heard about the benefits of laughter and curious to see if it works for them!

Research studies both done in 2007, one in India and the other in the USA both show that laughter decreased blood pressure and all the other benefits mentioned in Laughter Therapy - 2. The link below will show some amazing testimonials of people who gave laughter a chance to work on them. You will also read details of the studies done in 2007.

In Dr. Kateria's words, an " happiness cocktail" is produced in the body during laughter and you can have as much of this cocktail without a hangover effect the next morning. So what are you waiting for??? Make yourself the happiness cocktail!

My appreciation to Sophie Terrase and Dr Kateria's website as well as my friends at the laughter club!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Laughter Therapy 2

" Laughter Clubs - silly" " Laughter - scary" These are two of the comments I received from a blogger forum. Why is it that people are not scared to show anger, hate or sorrow but when it comes to laughter, it scares them, or when seeing a group of people laughing, it seems silly??

Silly or not, this article will demonstrate the benefits of daily laughter to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. This is especially important in this time of recession and cutbacks of every kind, no one can take laughter away from you except yourself. Here's a video from Oprah - sending her hairdresser to check out a laughter club.

Dr. M. Kateria stated that laughing releases certain hormones and neuropeptides which he calls the happiness cocktail into our bodies. This happy cocktail reduces 1.stress, 2.pain,3. boost our immune system and 4.improves circulation, which all improves your Energy. Laughing also increases the levels of immunoglobin A(1gA) which fights against viral infections like cough and colds. Laughter has shown to decrease high blood pressure, arthritis. It also works for diabetes and cancers.
A few minutes of hearty laughter is equivalent to 10 minutes of jogging.

Your body and mind absorbs laughter to produce and/or maintain overall health. You will not starve your body from food or drink, even for a day, so why should you, starve it from laughter?? What do you think? Send me your comments.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Laughter Therapy 1

My name is Sophie.... HaHaHaHeeHeee, she continues laughing for a half a minute, then she looks at B who states her name, starts to laugh, and Sophie laughs with her and so does everyone else.
This how we introduce ourselves in the Laughter yoga club.

Sophie is the leader of this club. Earlier, before we started, she told us the history of laughter clubs and its founder Dr Kateria who began laughter clubs a decade ago. Sylvie was taught by Dr. Kateria. She then gave us some brief instructions and told us not to be concerned if at first, we seem to be faking the laugh. She also told us that we would not speak during the session, we would be communicating with eye contact and basically follow her actions. She emphasized that we must laugh with the other and not laugh at the other.

It was my second visit to this laughter club which was named Sunflower Club. Sophie had an assortment of bright funny looking headbands and hats, that we could put on by choice. There were about 15 of us and for some it was a first time visit.

For about 40 minutes, the leader did some actions,with laughter and we followed. Each laughing action which lasted about 5 minutes was followed by deep breathing or yogic breathing. Since we were in the couple of weeks of the New Year, many of the laughing actions revolved around celebrating the New Year, like dancing and toasting to the New Year. Ten minutes into the laughter exercises, I noticed that many were already getting belly laughs. People who looked anxious and reticent about smiling at the beginning of the session, were now looking relaxed, happy and smiling at one another. Did I mention that the majority of the group did not know each other before the laughter session.

The last part of the laughter session,included a group exercise, transmitting our laughter to anyone we knew who most needed it. Then we had a quiet few minutes of relaxation to music, then, sharing our experience verbally, about what we felt or received from the session - the only time we talked. Everyone was smiling and everyone stated how relaxed and happy they felt.

Have you been to a laughter club? Would you like to be in one? If you have any questions, please send them via the comments. Next week, we will continue with this theme.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Energy Medicine:-To Diet or Not To Diet in a nutshell!

In this age of instant results
Popular are weight loss gurus
promising weight loss in a few days, a week, or a month.
Buyer Beware! It is not a one size fit all deal!
Where has the common sense gone?

As diet industry flourishes,
Consumers' weight increases.
As your pocket empties with the latest diet plan
Your weight increases albeit a small decrease.
How long have you been doing this?
Many,Many times is your response?
Up and down, Up and down!
YO-YO dieting is the name
O so harmful to your health!

Why do you want to lose weight?
Is it to look like this model or that celebrity?
Is your lover asking you to lose weight?
Do you feel you will be acceptable in your social
circle if you were twiggy?

If you want a healthy weight and keep it,
Do it for the Love of you, for your Self-Esteem.
Then ask yourself if you are prepared,
To go deep to find out when, how and why
Your weight increased in the first place?
Are you an emotional eater?
Do you eat when stressed out?
Is your social life closely connected with food?

There are resources a plenty
All free and well researched.
Weight loss is possible if your
intake is less - 4 daily meals, no less.
A sustainable, tasty diet;
Kick out the empty calories which is fatigues,
Then follow up by simple exercises.
Change your social activities to other than
Restaurant hopping and potlucks.

Before you do the eating, delete harmful
habits surrounding meals.
Install new, healthy habits around food,
get mentoring from experienced,
non-judgemental coaches, be it friend
or professionals.

Energy Medicine,Laughter Therapy
and emotional freedom technique
have all been successful in
weight loss and maintaining
healthy weight. Why? - Perhaps
they go deep to find the root of
the problem with
individualized solutions.
Not an instant remedy but an enduring one.
The weight you lose will stay lost.
Isn't that what you want!

So let me boldly say,
It's not dieting you need
but a healthy eating lifestyle!
You will then shed the harmful weight
which will never return.
copyright/P Nicholas

Monday, January 26, 2009

Energy Medicine: -Sustainable Diet and Energy Medicine

Sustainable Diet

If you look at the mirror and see those 'love handles' and bulges of excess weight, especially in the abdominal area, how long did that take to accumulate? Surely, not a month or a few months or even a year. So what makes you think that you could lose all that weight in a month, 3 months or a year? Probably, it was those incredible, advertisements and weight loss articles that convinced you. So you rush to buy the book, the products, sign for the weight loss program - Oh Yes, you did lose a few pounds but you could not keep up with that program for long and you hungered for those foods you missed. Now you have put on more weight than you lost or your health has suffered.You are frustrated and upset.

As we have seen and heard in earlier posts, the popular diets don't work as they are not sustainable. Some of them can be even dangerous for your health. So is there a diet that is Sustainable? Yes there is. There is One for each of you according to your tastes, likes and dislikes. Are you prepared for this! - You have to plan this yourself and there is plenty of free resources out there to help you.

Are you willing to invest your effort and time to lose excess weight permanently. The dividends are self-esteem, health, energy. It is cost-effective as your medical bills will be rare.

Some Tips
1.Follow a Guide of the basic food groups - USDA Food Guide (
For Canadians this is the link. (

2. Compute your BMI or Body Mass Index here - ( )
They also tell you in the above link how to lose unwanted weight in the healthy way, gives recipes and serving portions as well as other pertinent information.

3. Change your behaviors and habits related to eating and foods. It is easy to tell you to make some lifestyle changes but old habits are hard to break. You need support and guidance on this if you want to keep your weight off. EFT (emotional freedom techniques) has been helpful to some in this area. Energy Medicine helps in changing certain old patterns and behaviors.

4. Weight loss goals should be 1.Realistic, 2.Specific, 3.Measurable,4. Attainable which means you take small steps to to reach your main goal. Example: You need to lose 50lbs, break it down to 4 lbs a month, then, reassess - if that is accomplished, give yourself another goal for the next month. If you lost only 2.5 lbs, give yourself a non-food treat and set the next month's goal at 3 lbs.

5.Three main meals with one or two snacks so that you do not leave your stomach empty for more than 4 hours. If you are on a 1600 calorie diet, each of the 4 meals should not be more than 400 calories and for a 2000 calorie diet, each meal should not exceed 500 calories. Do Not Skip any Meal. It is when you skip meals that you tend to overeat and indulge in second servings.

6.Read labels and be aware that "Light" does not always mean less calories. Neither does "low fat" mean you can have double the portion.

6.Drink 8 or more glasses of water and sip fluids during the day. Avoid sodas and pops. Limit your coffee and tea except for limited amounts of green tea. I've found tea and coffee to be appetite boosters.

7.Your weight loss program has to be accompanied by some activity, even stretches help. Do a fun activity several times a week,like swimming, dancing or hiking.

8.Stock your fridge and pantry with low calorie snack foods, like fruits, cucumbers, carrots and celery. Having a 1/2 cup (4oz) low fat yogurt for a snack with a medium apple is an excellent choice.

9.Enlist the support of family and friends or a weight loss group in healthy eating and exercise. Perhaps start one yourself.

10. Find other ways to boost yourself when you feel down or tired or sad, instead of eating to take your "blues" away.

Energy Medicine and Laughter therapy has contributed to some people's weight loss. Certain activities and exercises in Energy Medicine balances the Digestive System which reduces food cravings and boost the assimilation of foods, optimally. This therapy is individualized and an assessment is done to see which area of the body needs the balancing. Recently, I met a lady, who lost weight doing qigong exercises daily for about 3 months.

Laughter therapy is compared to internal jogging. So laughing 20 minutes or more daily will burn some calories. Is that not enough reason to Laugh? HaHaHa HoHoHo.You do not have to watch a comedy to laugh.
Join a laughter club or have a laughter buddy. Laugh your way to sustainable weight loss and health. Check my former post on the effects of laughter

If you are wondering why I have not continued with Myths about Diets, there is a good reason. A fellow blogger, Cassandra is doing an excellent,detailed job with more than one post dedicated to it on the link given below. Thanks Cassandra.

Next week will be the conclusion of this topic. All comments and questions are welcomed and if you wish a private answer, please include your e-mail.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Energy Medicine: Dieting - Who do you diet for and Why?

As you have seen from the statistics in last week's post, all the various diets on the market have not decreased the number of overweight people in the USA or Canada.

Did you know that 98% of dieters regain their weight after a few months of completing their diet regime. So only 2% of dieters do not regain? Could it be that this 2% have a strong motivation to maintain their reduced weight? Or could it be that these 2% have found a sustainable diet?

Who do you diet for or Why do you diet?
Is it to fit into a certain outfit like your wedding gown? Is someone you love pressuring you to lose weight? Do you want to look like the next top model or your favorite celebrity? Did you take a bet with your colleagues that you were going to lose ? amount of weight? Or was there a weight loss competition in your office with some nifty prizes?

Well folks, if you answered Yes to any of the above, you will not sustain the weight loss, no matter what diet you are on.
The weight loss should be for You so that You will have health and vitality. Having a healthy weight does not mean being a Twiggy. Curves are fine as long as you are within the weight range in the charts for your age and height. Do you that being pear shaped is not risky to you health as being apple shaped,ie having excess weight on your stomach and abdomen.

In a recent blogger forum, I asked members,if they are dieting or have been on a diet and more than 60% had been on a weight loss diet at one time. Did they stick to the diet? No! The longest time to stick with a diet, from the responses was a 9 month period, after which she indulges high caloric foods of the festive season.
Then she returns to a weight loss diet for another 9 months. Many people especially women seem to be on a yo-yo dieting plan which is very confusing to your body.

I remember going on a weight watcher diet a very long time ago to lose 20 lbs and stopped it once I lost 10lbs. as the weight plateaued and I could not find the time to visit the office for a weigh-in. The majority of the diets fail for the following reasons. Finally with increased activity and watching what I ate, I did lose the remaining weight.

For some being on a diet is not an option, if they have diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and high blood pressure. People who are on certain medications which has the capacity to increase weight have to watch their calorie intake and exercise more.

I studied nutrition at nursing college where I learned about the 3 food groups - Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats and the serving portions of each according to the Canada Food Guide. At university I took courses on nutrition, while working in the stroke rehabilitation ward. Patients were on diabetic diets or salt-free diets and other diets pertaining to their disease condition. The hospital dietetic unit prepared all the portions of food working on the menus, I went through, with the patients. Patients did not have second helpings or have huge plates but they did have 3 portioned meals and two snacks.

I knew that they would be discharged from the hospital with the same diet restrictions. They or their family usually follow it as they did not want a relapse or a return trip to the emergency department.

So forget about YoYo Dieting and stick to one that is sustainable and you will lose the weight.

Next week - A Sustainable Diet with the help of Energy Medicine!
copyright/P Nicholas

Friday, January 9, 2009

Energy Medicine:-To Diet or Not to Diet?

When Shakespeare wrote his famous phrase, " To Be or Not to Be", there was definitely no obsession about diets then as there is today. For the past three decades or more the diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Just check the Web or your local bookstores.

There are books on many different diets written either by the successful dieter or a diet guru or a celebrity. Pictures of these authors are very attractive and slim. Why is there so much hype about dieting?? Is it about vanity or looking attractive! Is it about being healthy? For the latter let me quote you some statistics from Canada and the USA.

133.6 million,(66%) of American adults are overweight.
76% increase since 1990 of Diabetes Type 2 (associated with overweight) in adults 30years to 40 years of age.(2004) *

60% of Canadian adults are overweight.**(2004)

There are statistics of other health risks due to overweight which space does not permit here.
Incidentally, since there are so many weight loss diets for over three decades, why are the overweight numbers on the increase?? People have definitely spend money following some of these diets! Some have lost weight! The question is - Why did they not maintain the weight loss??

Diet usually is one of the resolutions many people make when the New Year approaches. Since we are still in January, the intent of the next few posts is to clarify the Facts and Myths of Diets? How effective are diets? How costly to your budget and your health? Who or What are you dieting for and Why?

The final part will be my humble, commonsense opinion of the Best diet with quotes by other medical and nutritional authorities on the subject, who are not trying to sell you products or books. When you have a healthy weight, you will have energy that is healing and vibrant. My hope is that by the end of this series, you will opt for a healthy lifestyle which is cost-effective and fun! This series is just an encapsulation of what will be in an upcoming book.

*- wt.control (NIDDK)
** Statistics Canada

copyright/ P Nicholas

Monday, January 5, 2009

May 2009 be filled with Energy and Laughter!

I hope you all had a wonderful time. Wonderful does not mean that you have to suffer side-effects of weight gain and others associated with having "a good time"!

I had a wonderful time and even lost a couple of pounds. Did you know that laughing and singing can cause weight loss. The same goes for some of the energy medicine exercises that I do.

I noticed this advertisement on the internet on Flat Belly Diet and as I read about it, I had an idea to write about diets. So the next post will focus diets. Do diets give you energy? Is there an effective diet? Are there healthy diets. Would like to hear from you. Which diet work for you and which did not? My next post will be around the last week of January.

My prayer and wish for all my readers is that this year of 2009 be one filled with energy, joy, harmony and health for each one of you.