Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Energy Healing and Attitude

What is the connection, you might ask? Is there a connection?
        Firstly let us define Energy Healing? Each of us have energy emanating from our body. This is our energy system. When our energy is vibrant, we act, think and function optimally. However, when any part of energy system is blocked, our health, vitality and clarity of mind is affected. "Energies most pertinent to energy medicine are electrical energies, elecromagnetic energies and subtle energies."*1

       Secondly - the definition of attitude - a considered disposition or reaction to a person or a thing or a way of regarding or a posture. Attitudes can be Positive, eg. optimism or Negative eg. ingratitude. I am sure you can find many other attitudes that fit in the positive or negative columns.

       The attitude of gratitude lifts your energy. So does optimism.Studies have shown that people who hold positive expectations instead of anticipating negative outcomes have better overall health. Also, people who meditate regularly have a higher degreee of strength and resilience *2

       How does attitude help with the employment situation?  People with positive attitudes are more open to possibilities and opportunities, whereas a negative attitude does just the opposite. Many inventors and successful entrepreneurs tried and tried many, many times before they achieved success. Imagine if the Wright brothers gave up after they experienced some major failures, we would not be traveling by planes. What if Edison's, and Bell's failures stopped them from inventing what we have taken for granted in our lives today?

        Many of our attitudes have been learned since we were children or after certain recurring experiences. In energy healing or energy medicine, we can re-learn those attitudes that will bring optimal health to our body, mind and spirits. Some effort is involved and support from others who are on the same  road  is strongly recommended. Finding a good energy practitioner is also a boon. However, the reward will permeate not only your physical, mental  and social health but also your wealth. You will begin to see yourself transforming from a needy person to an empowering person!

*1  Donna Eden & D. Feinstein,PhD, Energy Medicine, (Jeremy P.Tarcher/ Penguin,2008)
*2 - ibid -


Sean Reynolds said...

Interesting post. How can we identify and channel this energy?

Agapelife said...

I don't know if channel is the word, I'd used. In my next post, this thursday, I hope to answer your question.

timethief said...

Our passion for living each day and our energy are a result of choices we make between out ears. Thought create attitudes and the mind body connection delivers what we choose to create.