Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"You are a Latticework of energy "

The above, a quote from Donna Eden who wrote Energy Medicine and she is referring to each one of us, without any exceptions. Really no need for channeling, is there?.
Tonight, I heard an interview with Donna Eden, my guru of Energy Medicine, not just practicing and writing about it, she also has made it her crusade to teach and demonstrate energy medicine to the masses.Energy works without you willing it or thinking about it but stressors in your life play a crucial part in the energy system of your body. Remember we are working with two main energies, positive or negative which is also lack of!

Look at your hand. It is electromagnetic and that is why you sometimes feel the energy running through your system, as if you had touched a live socket.It's is referred to as static shock.
Are you able to read the energy in yourself and others? You should and again this needs some practice.
We can feel our energies and those of others. Have you heard this expression, " I had a gut feeling this would happen." Intuition, which many of us have abandoned to our detriment. Intuition, when fine tuned can be a useful tool to read our energies.

Some people are able to see energies that circulate in and out of the body with spirals and weaves. Have you noticed how a baby when held, looks around the person. That baby sees the energies, so does the child but the teens and adult do not see it. Why? We let that skill lie dormant as it was not what the adults were talking about or perhaps the child was told frequently, it was the imagination or a dream etc.

An experiment conducted by Donna had a group of parents in a small town, talk about energies to their babies and children ; years later, when these were teenagers, they were still able to see the energies around different people. There are so many examples which I might mention in future posts, if you request it.( onc involved a surgeon in a busy hospital) *1

In March I had a 7 day challenge on this blog in which several bloggers took part. I gave them the exercises below. Please visit the posts and read their revealing comments. There were three posts and you could find it under Energy Medicine - 7 day challenge.

1. Be thankful for what you DO have! You have a roof over your head. You do have some good health, a good bed to sleep on, Your intelligence! What about family and friends?
I find it good to give thanks in the morning when I awake.

2. Make a funny face in front of the washroom mirror and laugh for about 5 minutes, while doing your bathroom routine, after that, take 3 long slow deep breaths. You could continue laughing while you're doing your bathroom routine. Caution - don't laugh while shaving, guys! You can smile.

3.Cut back your intake of negative news from newspapers, radio,television or the Internet.You are protesting,"I want to be current on the news". You will not miss much - "Bad" news travel fast". Put on some lively or soothing music according to your preferences.

4. Look for the good news! They travel slowly. Also look for the good things you see around you on the street, at work and at home and smile. Spend at least one hour quality time with yourself or your family. Accentuate the positive.

5. Find positive things to say at work or home. Tactfully change the subject if negative ones crop up in your conversations and discussions. Accentuate the Positive.

6. Watch comedies or funny shows on TV or at the movies! Invest in a book of jokes.
Read a couple of pages a day. Cut out "Funny Pictures or Cartoons"
Stick them on areas like your work station, fridge, TV, to remind you to smile.
Brisk exercise for 20 minutes or laughing exercises for 20 minutes.
Laughing for 20 minutes including belly laughs is equivalent to an hour's jog.

7. In the evening, give thanks for your day and look forward to the next one

In the next post, I will give you some of the ways of boosting your Energy System, which in turn will boost your immune system and general health. Anyone interested in doing another 7 day challenge, please let me know in the comment section.

I'll leave the last word to Donna as she stated in this evening's interview about Energy Medicine. An eye opening statement don't you think during this time of all the flu viruses floating around??.

" It turns around Vulnerability to Strength!" (Donna Eden)

Agapelife/P Nicholas
1. Eden, Donna, Energy Medicine


Anonymous said...

This is such AWESOME advice :)

Micah said...

Great post! This is very helpful. I'm sure I'd visit your site more often. Anyway, you can drop by my favorite online hang out too, at UK Student Community. Thanks!

Nothing Profound said...

Blake: "Energy is eternal delight!" It's all there right in our own bodies. We just need to learn how to utilize it.

Victoria Hart said...

I'm getting a dose of "energy healing" tomorrow, can't wait. It reminded me of your and your blog, so thought I'd stop by.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Agapelife said...

Interested to know what type of energy healing and your experience of it?