Friday, January 21, 2011

Boost Your Energy in 5 minutes!

This is the title of the study course that will begin tomorrow. It is at 1940 Saunderson Drive, Ottawa, On.Canada.  Only a few spaces left. So hurry if you want to take part in this first ever in Ottawa, Canada.

If you're tired, stressed, have little or no energy, often get colds and infections, then this event is for you! Two and one half hour of energy testing and demonstration and practice of techniques to boost your energy and immune system! Reference is from Eden Energy Medicine.This is Part One and Part Two and Three will follow in February and March.

Due to the limited number of students accepted for this class, there will be a repeat of the first class on February 5th but pre-registration is required. Thanks! Hope to see some of you there.
PC Nicholas

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Laughter Therapy, Part II

There is so much written and researched on Humor and laughter therapy but most were based on what will cause one to laugh. However in the last post, we mentioned one type of laughter therapy with a video clip where there is nothing externally to stimulate the laughter. So I've tried laughter yoga and joined a laughter yoga club in my area for a few months and stopped when the weekly schedule at night interfered with my work hours. Once you do the HoHoHaHaHa for a minute or so, it ispossible to laugh for a while. But I do urge you to stop after 5 or 6 minutes and take a couple of deep breaths.  There are now laughter yoga clubs in 60 countries and the latest from Dr.Kateria is his plan to start a Laughter University in India!

Make it a goal not to take yourself so seriously. Own a joke book and watch silly comedies like Laurel and Hardy. One word of caution - don't laugh at someone (comediennes are an exception) but with them. Perhaps, you could even write a joke yourself.  Even in the animal kingdom, they laugh. Check out the kookaburras from Sydney, Australia.
If you noticed the last verse of the Kookaburra song, it shows that we are uncomfortable with the laugh and want the bird to cry but it is not in its nature  to do so. And neither is it in true human nature to be sad and weepy!!

 If you want to know how laughing helps your physical, emotional and mental health, then please click the archives on this page for July 2008 and there are several posts with details.

I have interviewed someone who started a 2 man team that goes and does juggling and comedy skits for groups and organizations. If you subscribe to my blog, you could hear that interview with Gene Monterastelli, an EFT practitioner!
I always like to receive your comments and questions, which will determine if I write more on a particular topic. As for now this will conclude the laughter aspect of RET (Revitalizing Energy Therapy!.
Laugh to be healthy!
PC Nicholas