All sessions are conducted by a professional, compassionate, empathic practitioner who respects your privacy and confidentiality!  Please contact me for package pricing.
Neuro-lymphatic Drainage (Flush) and Relaxation Massage
Are you having intense emotional or physical stress? Exposed to
environmental toxins?  This technique:

1.  Clears the lymphatic system
2.  Stimulates the cerebrospinal fluid, clearing your head.
3.  Quick re-balancing of your systems
4.  Reduces built-up stress
5.  Takes edge of emotional over-reactions.
6.  Relaxes body and mind.

Takes about 1/2 hour, includes assessment of problem areas.

Be Gone Pain
— 3 sessions
See your pain disappear after 3 sessions. This Pain Buster Package uses Eden Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology - Meridian Tapping techniques.  Treatment is available in person, by telephone, or Skype with e-mail follow-up.

Anxiety/Panic/Phobia Buster
— 4 sessions
See your Anxiety/Panic/Phobia disappear in 4 sessions. Where’s the anxiety gone or panic? What phobia? Don’t have them anymore! This is possible through use of Eden Energy Medicine, Meridian Tapping and, Qigong. Treatment is available in person, by telephone, or Skype with e-mail follow-up.

Addiction/Depression/PTSD Release
— 5 sessions
See your addiction and depression disappear in 5 sessions by using Energy Psychology and Meridian Tapping, Laughter Therapy (LT), and Forgiveness Therapy (FT). Treatment is available in person, by telephone, or Skype with e-mail follow-up.


To achieve an optimal balanced life it is recommended to continue minimal
maintenance of any of these therapies once annually.

Empower-You Deluxe Package
— 6 sessions
This package will use all the spokes of Revitalizing Energy Therapies (EEM, EP, Qigong, LT, GT and FT), to energize and enable you to manage your emotions, your relationships and help balance body, mind and spirit. Once an assessment is made, you may receive such treatments as the Brazilian Toe Technique (removes insomnia), the 20 minute Quickie Energy Balancer or, the 30 minutes or more Black Pearl Sanctuary (nurtures the blood, brings the hypothalamus into a calm, tranquil state and " gives you a deep sense of safety, so that your spirit can soar"). This package will enhance your motivation and creativity and bring you inner peace and joy! In addition, you can also learn some Qigong techniques to prevent or manage certain arthritic conditions.  This package requires an annual maintenance visit. This package is only  available in person but follow-ups can be done by phone and Skype.


There is a set price for each package. Price for the empower-you package is given during the assessment visit and it has a number of payment plan options. Please contact me to find out more about the pricing for the packages I offer.  My goal is to have you disease-free and pain-free as soon as possible with your co-operation!

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