Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Energy Boosting Program

Permanent Energy Boosting Program

Usually the season for colds, flu and other upper respiratory diseases have approached. Are you prepared? How do you prepare? Perhaps taking part in an energy boosting program is an excellent way to prepare for it.
In a few weeks, I will be facilitating this program, one hour a week.

This 6 week program of learning and putting into practice, the easy - step by step powerful techniques, used daily so that it becomes second nature. When you have mastered these powerful steps, you begin your day by spending 5 minutes every morning with this energy boosting and balancing, immune enhancing techniques with the added benefit of helping circulation.

Just a few of the great benefits.
1. Boost your immune system
2. Raise your energy levels
3.Energizes when you’re drowsy
4.Increases strength and vitality
5.Balances your blood sugar levels

Next week, more of the benefits will be outlined.
Agapelife/P Nicholas