Thursday, July 1, 2010

Steps of the Forgiveness Process - 3

Do you want to venture a guess on what the 3rd step is? Suembela, left a comment about not being sure she could do the process with Joy! Well the 3rd Step is Setting the Goal and the Attitude in pursuing it. Believe it or not, Attitudes do affect  the  Outcome.

What are your goals? Freedom from Painful memories or Freedom from physical pain or Ability to love again, or to have creativity, etc. Did you notice I did not use any negative words like not, do not... etc. Goals should be specific and measurable.

What Attitude should you go with? This is dependent on the Goal you have chosen. Generally - if you chose to have fun with the Forgiveness Process, or see it as discovering answers, then you Will. Whereas, if you chose to find it problematic,  a chore, a sad process, then you Will. I'm hoping you will not chose the latter if you want to succeed in this Process. To illustrate, you're going from Jacksonville, Fl to St. Augustine Fl. you have a choice of taking a scenic route along the ocean or through the highway with a view of cars and concrete. The former might take a little longer but your drive is enjoyable! So Decide now what Attitude you're going with and stick to it.

Any questions so far?
P Nicholas