Monday, May 31, 2010

Facts on Forgiveness Part 2 of 4

 One reader mentioned that my posts have a tendency to be like a textbook. So I've tried to veer from that style. Let me know if I have succeeded.  To recap last week's facts on the Forgiveness Process. They are -
2. It is a free Choice.
3. It Strengthens your Will.
4. It is private and internal
5. It makes you wise.
6. It makes you stronger to be able to confront injustices.
Now although I will be adding a few more, that does not mean that is all. As you work through the Forgiveness Process, you will most probably discover more facts.
7.improves the atmosphere.
2. it can be telepatic
3. it is a basic need
4. it is a joy and celebration
and another good news fact -
5.Forgiveness HAS DEFINITE STEPS. That is why it can be taught and learned.
If you would like to know some of the STEPS, please send your requests in soon! Till the next post which will either continue with the facts or if you respond, I will share with you some of the Steps of the Forgiveness Process. It's your choice!!
P Nicholas