Monday, May 31, 2010

Facts on Forgiveness Part 2 of 4

 One reader mentioned that my posts have a tendency to be like a textbook. So I've tried to veer from that style. Let me know if I have succeeded.  To recap last week's facts on the Forgiveness Process. They are -
2. It is a free Choice.
3. It Strengthens your Will.
4. It is private and internal
5. It makes you wise.
6. It makes you stronger to be able to confront injustices.
Now although I will be adding a few more, that does not mean that is all. As you work through the Forgiveness Process, you will most probably discover more facts.
7.improves the atmosphere.
2. it can be telepatic
3. it is a basic need
4. it is a joy and celebration
and another good news fact -
5.Forgiveness HAS DEFINITE STEPS. That is why it can be taught and learned.
If you would like to know some of the STEPS, please send your requests in soon! Till the next post which will either continue with the facts or if you respond, I will share with you some of the Steps of the Forgiveness Process. It's your choice!!
P Nicholas


Anonymous said...

Just to zero in on points 5 and 6 that forgiveness makes us wiser and stronger to be able to confront injustices.

Indeed, the ability to attain true forgiveness is enlightening on the mind. From my personal experiences, I have found that in forgiving, it builds my character and allows me to handle relationships be it at the office, amongst friends and family. With the fallibility of the human character, we have our shortcomings.

But through forgiving in the past, I learnt to look beyond the shortcomings and focus on the positive aspects of a person's character and seek to gain a better understanding of that person. This mentality goes along way in aiding us to better deal with the world.


Agapelife said...

Gerry, Thanks for your comment. Excellent introspection, Gerry and somewhere in your comment,you've mentioned a couple of the steps that will be in either part 3 or part 4.

Suembala said...

Your statement that forgiveness improves the atmosphere resonated with me. It has had that effect in my relationships. I'm not sure, however, that I've had luck with the telepathic aspect of forgiveness. If what you mean is that forgiveness is contagious I haven't always found that to be the case.

I am learning that I need to forgive for myself and not out of some need to make others feel better.

I would appreciate knowing the steps involved in the process. By the way, I think your posts are good in either style.

Agapelife said...

Thanks for commenting on my style. As for the telepathic aspect, I will be giving an example after the posts on the process which will take a few weeks as there are a number of steps. So visit weekly, as there is a post per week. This is so important,as when one forgives completely self first, then others,then only one will truly be free.

Dyeve said...

"One reader mentioned that my posts have a tendency to be like a textbook"..and? His probblem. I like you're post and you're page is very clear and clin. Go on...don't bother for 1 comment. ( but you wanted to be commented right? - so..:))

Live them in peace and go on in writing.

Have a nice day!


Agapelife said...

@Dyeve - Thanks for the comment. I really don't mind receiving constructive criticism as it makes me improve my blog. Actually, I asked him to give me suggestions as how to improve. Your view is also very appreciated.

dining tables said...

Forgiving is something that can make you relieved when you wake up in the morning.

healthfilled said...

I wish my textbooks read like your blog! Maybe that's your calling: to write a textbook on healing and self-empowerment--now that's something we NEED to learn in school! ;)