Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So what are the Facts on Forgiveness, Part 1 of 4

We discussed the Myths about Forgiveness or the Forgiveness Process. Forgiveness is not instananeous generally as that is another myth. It is a Process and there are steps to ensure that you forgive completely. Why? If you don't it will come to haunt you, that's why! So are you ready to learn the FOF - Facts of Forgiveness. A comment on the picture above - what do you think is the best way to deal with the Hurt, which makes it difficult to Forgive?

One of the Forgiveness Fact as I gave you at the end of the last post - 1.Empowering
2. It is a free Choice.
3. It Strengthens your Will.
4. It is private and internal
5. It makes you wise.
6. It makes you stronger to be able to confront injustices.

There are more for the next post, while you ruminate these Six Facts till then and I'm open for any discussions on these Forgiveness Facts. If you would like to quote examples in your own personal journey, you're most welcomed. If you wish your comments to remain private, just state private in your comment!
****Please keep commenting as it motivates me and gives me energy to continue with this blog. Time is very limited to me at the present, so I appreciate if you take a couple of minutes to leave a comment or start a discussion.
P. Nicholas


Mission said...

Wow, just found your blog. This is timely info for me. I'm working through this process and reading Louise Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life. What do you think about her belief that we don't have to know how to forgive, we just need to be willing to forgive? I think I've forgiven, but then some current hurt will bring up an old one. Then I question whether I really have let it all go. Do you think continually having to forgive for the same hurt is part of the process, or does this just mean I've never really forgiven?

Agapelife said...

Thanks for the questions. You might find some of the answers in my next posts. For your last question, it does not have to be continual but neither does it happen in an minute and yes sometimes, we have not really forgiven because we have bought into the Myths on Forgiveness.
I did leave a comment on a post in your blog. Thanks for your visit. As for Louise Hay, I agree we have to be willing to forgive, but if we don't know how, then it's like finding an address without a map!