Thursday, June 17, 2010

Facts on Forgiveness Part 4 of 4

My foray into Energy  Medicine and EFT  introduced me to new avenues in healing and personal development and forgiveness permeated these modalities in a quiet way but its impact on Healing was certainly felt.    In Donna Eden's Energy Medicine, there is a  procedure to send 'Forgiveness through your Body; another is 'Expelling the venom'. In EFT, each day  or each week, you could do what Gary Craig called the Palace of Possibilities.

So when I noticed Guy Pettitt's work on the Forgiveness Process, I had to try it out by myself although he recommends to do it with a coach or have a small group doing the process together.  Some of the Steps are very much like Craig's Palace of Possiblity! Let me say it was challenging doing it on my own, which is why the small groups have become popular in New Zealand and other countries.

First, I had to get a standard size  lined book! Hmmm! What are you waiting for? We can't begin, till you get the writing material and a pen. I'll wait!
Let's begin with Self -Forgiveness first! Why? Any ideas? Before we begin, let me Emphasize - all these Steps have to be done comfortably, compassionately, joyfully and completely.

In response to a question from Nathan, it is not difficult and there are ways to have bio-feedback to know if it worked. For those interested to work on these Steps in a small online group, please let me know. Actually, it would be good to know who are following these Steps through these posts. Anyone? The Comments section will be where I answer questions and elaborate.

This will not work, if you skip some Steps. The best way - do the Steps in Sequence and take all the time you need to finish each one. My plan is to do one Step each week and give you the opportunity to prepare for the next week. When you go on a journey, you have a choice to make it fun or boring, right? So before we begin, let's Will to make it fun, agreed?

The first Step
On the first page, you will write the Definition of the Forgiveness Process. This is  the one for Self-Forgiveness!
The Forgiveness process is cancelling the conditions in oneself, that are blocking the flow of love, independently of the behaviour of anyone else or any outer circumstances.  It is an energy dynamic! 
                                                                                           (Dr. Guy Pettitt)

Now read that aloud. In all the following steps, we will be using both the right side and left side of our brain.

Prep for the Second Step
Think of all your Values (cherish or prize are other words)  including what you've inherited. Have some of your values changed? Write done each value (leaving plenty of space between each) and underline those you feel are your core values that have not and will not change. As you write each Value and read it, notice any sensations in any part of your body, example - heart beats faster, specific muscles tighten or relax, etc. Write all the values you've held.

So till next week! One reader has decided to join the small forgiveness process group online. There is space for 1 or 2  more. So please contact me via comment, as we will be commencing next week. This will be a private and confidential group. Remember as you're doing this, this process is similar to taking the automobile in for an oil change. It is needed and not difficult, so that the auto will run optimally. Only this time, the automobile is you.