Thursday, July 15, 2010

Your Request to your Higher Self? - Step 4 & 5

Are  you seated? Good - Now take your large sheet of paper or exercise book and write this formula
   Dear Higher Self,
I ask forgiveness for...........................................(specify one behavior or faulty belief or faulty thought which trouble you and for which you are seeking forgiveness.) (Dr. Guy Pettitt)
The above formula will be repeated for each behavior or belief, ah.... you were trying to squeeze 3 or 4 in one line - no need for that - use several sheets of paper as necessary.Leave several blank spaces between each item you're asking forgiveness for.

Oh are you having trouble seeing the less obvious areas for self-forgiveness.. These posts do not allow me to elaborate in detail as I would if I was coaching or guiding you individually or if you were in a small unbiased group setting. The less obvious might be - 1.overachieving, overambitious, (& the opposites),2. spending more money on your material possessions than on your own self-improvement, 3. putting expectations on others, 4. believing others as untrustworthy because of a past experience of others betraying your trust....etc.... REMEMBER ask and answer the questions, Compassionately, Joyfully and Completely. If this section is not done thoroughly, the forgiveness will be only partial..... so check,recheck, and recheck.

Take several days to do this as each day might bring something you forgot the day before. Recheck this big offenders. 1.Did I criticize myself and /or others? 2.Did I sabotage myself and/or others? 3.Did I addict myself and/or others? 4. Did I confuse myself and/or others?5. Did I play the clown to avoid important issues?6. Did I play the Helpless Victim, reluctant Martyr or resentful helper? 7. Did I depress myself for doing any of the above?

Step 5 is where you left the blank space. Return to each item to be forgiven and chose a wise preference with this formula. Do not use vague or negative words. When finished writing, say them loudly.

" As I look back, I realize I would have preferred to have.......(believe) or (thought) or (said) or (acted) Choose the one that applies. Here is an example.
 .....I would have preferred to believe that I was a worthwhile person. ( instead of being so self-critical of my background.)
 Please do this exercise sitting down - I will tell you why in the next post, where we will talk about the sixth step which concludes the Early Phase of Forgiveness! If you're still with me, please let me know! I would like to know how many are following these posts, otherwise the middle and very important part of the forgiveness process will be postponed indefinitely. So a line or two is crucial to the survival of this blog.
P Nicholas


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is there a Higher Self??

So today, we take leave of the sub-personalities briefly. In psycho synthesis,  there are ways in which you could make the sub-personalities useful to you and develop those that could be supportive of you. Styles of sub-personalities are dependent on the events of your childhood and the environment you grew up in.

I know you're in touch with Personal Self, the one that observes and wills. Dr. Pettitt calls it the director. It is the centre of conscious Choice and Will. The Personal Self has been studied and written about in many disciplines.
What about the Higher Self? Not nearly as much. The Higher Self is the source of love, wisdom and inner strength and Pettitt likens it to the Composer. Do you hear your Higher Self? Yes - through symbols, inspiration, some dreams and through energies.

So in the Forgiveness Process, the Personal Self is looking up in your mind's eye, to your Higher Self in request.Even if you don't belief in the concept of your Higher Self, just try what I will relay to you in the next post. Before that the homework for now, is to write on a fullscap paper, all the negative beliefs you have about 1. Yourself, 2. parents & relatives, 3. women, 4. men, 5. family, 6. money,, 8. wealth, 9. world, 10. anything else not mentioned here.

See you in a couple of days. Happy investigating!