Thursday, May 20, 2010

Myths about Forgiveness - Part 2

So  did  you guess correctly? Before I give you the answer, here are the answers of some members of blogcatalog, a forum where I raised a discussion about forgiveness with other bloggers.

Forgiveness is
LovyBoheme " Wiping out all feelings of resentment that you have"... Less forgiveness toward people who hurt the ones I love."

Brianomaracroft " lose a lot of time, energy and life if you don't"...

XxjamberXX " acknowledge the wrongs and set free the old patterns"....

Theresa111 " translation of the word 'forgive" - to let go. Easier, once you practice it a lot."....
Clockwordkitten " forgiveness come easy - when someone wrongs me, don't notice, assume it is a normal part of my day."

Any myths about forgiveness in any of these answers? What do you think? In my next post will be the Facts of  the Forgiveness Process.
 Answer to last week's question - "empower"
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