Thursday, November 19, 2009

Energy Medicine - Why the Reluctance?


     In the past 3 years, I've practiced  energy medicine practice in one of its various forms, I have used much of my retirement savings and other income to finance the studies. In my practice, clients received huge discounts for the teaching and application of these techniques. I enjoyed seeing the positive outcomes that made me overlook the lack of financial viability of this business. The average length of treatment was three sessions. What was also remarkable is that a client usually came to see me for one problem but ended the final session with solving other secondary problems as well which made it unnecessary for another set of sessions.

    The strange phenomenon about the healing is the apex effect, clients tell me they refer their friends who ask them what it is all about and since they are not able to explain it to them, it goes no further.It is difficult to explain, I know. Even though I have written posts after posts for 18 months, I've had very few comments and definitely no one has contacted me online, to ask about this unique, yet very effective form of Energy Medicine. Energy Medicine is something that has to be practiced. Reading about it or watching someone doing it does not give you the desired results, although it is probable.. Some of the techniques (you noticed I did not use the word "Exercise" because it is Not like the Pilate or Yoga  exercises) look weird to the western-trained mind. So what? If those techniques can facilitate action of your lymphatic and immune systems that will give you sound health and a balanced, joyful lifestyle, why bother with the critics?

   While doing my research, I had spoken to ex-EFT practitioners. I use the word "ex" loosely. These people still practice on themselves and their family, but could not make a living at it. The ones who are making a living are the ones who give "expensive" seminars or workshops!  Another group include some MDs, social workers, occupational therapists, psychologists and physical therapists who use Energy Medicine, EFT, Qigong and  Laughter Therapy in their Practice, with the clients paying them the standard fees charged by the respective professions.

I do believe when Health Canada would pay the costs of this Alternative Health Treatment (Energy Medicine) as they do for chiros. and physiotherapists, then perhaps, people will seek this effective, wholesome form of treatment that has no side-effect and is very cost-effective. I would boldly predict that when EFT, Qigong and Energy Medicine becomes part of the Health System in Canada, the need for hospitalization and medication  will be greatly reduced. There will be no such thing as long waits, doctor or nurse shortages, etc.

So for the Next few months, I will take time to concentrate on other income-generating activities, offline.  I know some of you have used some of my articles for your blogs. I hope some people have been empowered by this blog.. I have over a 120 posts which you could read. You could still comment and I will follow up on it. The great thing about Energy Medicine (unlike conventional medicine ) - it does not become outdated. What is in this blog will  still be relevant a few years from now. I have also kept this blog - ad-free, so enjoy and be empowered.
 Au Revoir and Blessings!
Agapelife/P Nicholas.



Nathan said...

Well I for one have always enjoyed reading your posts and think it has been an excellent source of information. Granted, it is different then anything I have ever known but I find it very intriguing. It is too bad that there won't be anymore information on this alternative medicine. I will continue to read some of the past posts. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. It truly is appreciated! Hopefully some day "Energy Medicine" will be cost effective. I would love to use Energy Medicine to better my lifestyle, but I am not sure how to start.

Thanks again for your hardwork and all the best in your future endeavours. Please don't be a stranger!

Agapelife said...

Nathan, Thank you for your kind words. I am continuing energy medicine work, including EFT and it is so rewarding to see the positive changes in my clients. Energy Work can be done by individuals but there should be some coaching by experienced practitioners.

viatical settlement said...

Yes Nathan you said correct this blog is best source of information most of post are too much help in general life.
Thank you

Memory Boost said...

Good reasoning Energy medicine why the reluctance.

AW said...

I find that really interesting. EFT couldn't make a living out of it. That screams to me belief. Oh which tool shall I use to clear it?

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