Tuesday, June 30, 2009

EFT Result??

This is a slight departure from my EFT series or is it? Gratitude is part of EFT and I will be offering my thanks to a number of people in this article.

In the spring, while I was doing some EFT tapping on some issues, a strong thought of writing a novel came to me during the tapping and this thought persisted throughout the night and the next morning. It did not evaporate and I began writing an historical novel which took me about 3 weeks, non-stop to complete. Then, came the longer time of finding editors,publishers, self-editing, layout and working on the book covers. I entered into the world of self-publishing.

Along the way, I came into contact with some kind, generous souls, including one in particular who was in my social networking site. Her name is Angela Lovell and she wrote the review which is on my back cover. She also did some further editing. Then, my retired neighbor, Tony Artna helped me with the graphics for the cover. Another friend Carolyn, read the first draft. A number of friends and former colleagues have already ordered some copies. So to all those who supported me in writing this novel, I will always be grateful to you and invite you to share my accomplishment.

"Beneath the Singapore Sky" is now printed. The challenging job of marketing begins. This novel was printed in Canada. I hope to have it distributed in the US and internationally. So in the meantime, as mailing is too expensive an option, I am considering e-books? I have not approach Amazon yet? What do you think?

I do believe this novel was the result of my EFT tapping! It was an healing,liberating and empowering experience.

Agapelife/P Nicholas

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