Friday, June 19, 2009

EFT - 5

As I mentioned at the start of this series, my EFT experience is still at a beginner's level and I have incorporated it into my practice as the results have been impressive, faster, when I have tapped on my clients than when I have tapped on my own issues. I believe it is easier to be objective when one is working on another person's emotions.

Recently, a client came to see me on some anger issues with her spouse. First, I asked her on a scale of 1 - 10 ( ten being the most intense) where her emotion of anger was. She replied 10.She did not appear comfortable to tell me the incident or event that made her livid. I told her it was not necessary to tell me, but that when I was doing the tapping and saying the phrases, she had to bring the incident to her mind. So we worked with the tapping and the phrasing of the anger in words and deep breathing between rounds. After 15 minutes, I asked her where her anger level was and she said - 4. Before we continued with another set of tapping rounds, I asked her if she wanted to change the phrases, I was using and she decided that my phrasing was exactly what she would use but I gave her the freedom to jump in with a change of phrasing, during the rounds. She also decided to do the tapping on herself instead of me doing the tapping.

Then after another 5 minutes, I asked her to gauge her anger level. She said it was two and found that acceptable and her whole body including face and voice looked peaceful. However, I told her that with a couple more rounds of EFT we could bring it lower. So we did another 5 minutes and then she looked at me surprised - " I don't feel any anger toward him anymore - it is O.

To test this, I asked her to think of the whole incident to bring up the anger. She did but she could not feel anger. We worked on some unrelated issues and an hour later, I asked her to bring up the incident that made her angry. She did but could not feel anger about it.

More about EFT can be found on the founder Gary Craig's website.


thoughts said...

your posts are really good. will be coming back to read the rest. i think you know some thing about anger management :)

Nathan said...

I think I would love to have someone else try EFT on me. I have found that my problem is I don't feel anything. Normally when I try to bring up a block, I have a tough time ranking it since I don't have any intense feelings towards them. Could I be simply blocking this feeling for one reason or another? Perhaps I am just not asking myself the right questions? Maybe I am just now self aware enough to feel the negative feelings and stress associated with my resistances? I will continue to practice EFT on myself but I think at some point I will need to seek additional assistance.

Thanks again for the great posts.