Tuesday, June 9, 2009


"With people that suffer from mental illnesses, if you remove one aspect of thinking, it will need to be replaced by another,"

What is the DOWNSIDE of getting rid of a physical or mental problem, or an addiction or a negative emotion??

No I haven't lost it? Yes for some people there is a Downside, which is why a therapy does not appear to work on certain individuals! It is a crucial question that practitioners of Energy Medicine or any other therapies, have to ask their clients? And for clients to ask themselves? Is there a downside to having a healthy weight or quitting cigarettes or alcohol or even to re-gain one's mobility or to overcome one's chronic pain?

For the issue of smoking, excess alcohol and food intake, there are social repercussions. Example, if they quit smoking, then they no longer feel welcomed in that cozy social group of smokers and if that group was their main social group of friend, then how are they going to find a new group or could they even find a new group - Perceived Companionship, Safety and security loss could be the motivator for holding on to an illness or an addiction?

In EFT, the term core issue is used. Once this core issue is released, then one will make progress with resolution of the illness or addiction. I knew of someone, who stated she wanted arthritic pain relief but after some muscle testing, she was found strong on not wanting to get rid of it. Puzzling, so I investigated - It was discovered that being pain-free, would alienate her from a pain support group which was her only form of socializing. She also felt her children called her regularly to inquire about her condition. She remembered a few years ago, without arthritic pain - she only heard from them twice a year!
The following was taken from Gary Craig's newsletter of how a physician assistant used EFT in the clinic to help two patients in mental distress.


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