Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beneath the Singapore Sky

The novel is available in BookStop at 4-1224 Place D'Orleans Drive,Orleans, ON K1C 7K3 613-841-7897 That is where I will do a book signing on the 18 July in the afternoon.
It is also available at Mother Tongue books, 1067, Bank St, Ottawa,ON K1S 3W9 1-800-366-0514(within Canada)
Coming soon - an e-version - that downloads.

My previous post displayed the front cover and this is the back cover. My thanks to Angela Lovell,Editor from Manitoba, Canada for her kind review. She is a member of BlogCatalog. Do visit her blog Once a fortnight OR


melinda said...

I'm so excited for you! That's just so wonderful and I will be buying a copy of your book. HUGE congratulations. Now, when do you start the second one? :D


Nothing Profound said...

Congratulations on having your book published. You must be very excited.

Marige said...

What is your novel about? Where can I get a copy! Is there a link to the publisher's site, perhaps?