Thursday, November 5, 2009

Energy Medicine & H1N1 Virus 2

 So how does fear, anxiety and paranoia break down the immune system? If you read my last year's posts, negative emotion triggers and releases the stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Fear and anxiety keeps the body in a perpetual state of alert and wears down the immune system.

How do you strengthen your Immune System naturally for any viral attack?
We spoke about nutrition, hygenic precautions and the rest in the previous post. In continuation, we must take care of our lymphatic system, which is twice the size of our circulatory system. Unlike the latter, it does not have the heart to promote its circulation! You know what happens when the heart's pumping action is compromised? So when the lymphatic circulation is compromised and lymph is not draining properly, you have stagnant waste material in different parts of your body.That is a neon light invitation to viruses, bacteria and the like to come and visit!.

In order for the Lymphatic System to be open and move freely, it relies on Muscular Movement, Gravity and Breathing, not any breathing but Deep Breathing.
1.Deep Breathing massages the thoracic duct to empty the lymph nodes there.

2. Exercise -Rebounding on a trampoline is another excellent way to stimulate the Lymphatic System. Don't forget your daily 5minute Energy Boosting Exercises. In fact during this season, do it two or three times a day!

Remember those Stress Hormones are reduced by regular exercises. If you think I'm an exercise enthusiast, well look at what Health Canada stated recently:-
" recommend regular workouts as part of the strategy against H1N1"

3. Laugh daily - it creates a cocktail of happy hormones that strengthens your immune system. Just remember to Deep Breathe between Laughs. This is one cocktail that you can get drunk on and still wake up in the morning very happy.

However, CAUTION -  Extreme forms of exercise are not recommended during this Flu Season. Extreme like running marathons and spending several hours of rigarous gym workouts.These tend to decrease white blood cells and increase Stress Hormones.  Another precaution is excerising outdoors in the cold, as the cold can further irritate inflammed bronchial pathways.*When using the trampoline or any other exercise equipment, please follow the safety precautions given.

So use your CS,  eat healthy, increase vit. C, drink at least 8 glasses of water, deep breathe, exercise (unless you have a fever), laugh much and the little viruses will find your body - a literal fortress!

Agape/P Nicholas


Synaura said...

Body detoxification is important in order to maximize our energy and to avoid frequent illness, fatigues, pains, depression and loss of concentration.
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nothingprofound said...

Funny to read this! I'm a retired gymnastics coach and so I know the enormous joy that results from jumping on a trampoline. My daughter who started gymnastics at the age of 3 used to wish all the floors in her elementary school were replaced with trampolines so she could bounce and flip from classroom to classroom.

Agapelife said...

@ Nothingprofound - simple trampoline exercises and I know a few people over 60 doing it with much reward. Your dgt. has the right idea! Thks for your comment.

Agapelife said...

@Synaura - I would be careful of all the de-toxification kits on sale in various health stores. If not used properly it could be toxic.

Nathan said...

Interesting point about laughter being good for you. Well, I guess that laughter is the best medicine! I tend to laugh a lot (even if it is at myself) but I never thought of the healing properties.

As well, good point about over exercising. I don't think I have to worry about over exercising. I like going to the gym or playing hockey but marathon's or extreme body building is not my thing.

Thanks for another great post!